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Vida Restaurant&Food served their dishes on the menu augmented reality


Do you want to visualize what you'll eat before ordering? Would you like that traditional letter to become a real dish that can almost touch? You already have at your fingertips. Yes, and it is mentioned. because you can see on your mobile what the restaurant offers in their letter before it reaches the waiter to make order.

At restaurant Life&Food Salamanca know exactly what you are eating because, Since last April, can augmented reality experience as part of the menu.

To enjoy this new dining experience, just a few simple steps that the restaurant itself explains to his followers and customers in their accounts Instagram Y Facebook.

Restaurant patrons Life&Food and can App free download VidayComida, Available for iOS / Android, using the WiFi offered on site, and start enjoy your lunch or dinner from the zero.

For a long time, Living&Food, in addition to its reserves so fully online, Customers also can select pairings through our digital wine list and interact, discuss and share their experiences through their social networks.

in Life&Food, they want to improve, expand and diversify the dining experience betting on innovative technologies, new media and all that the future holds in this area of ​​the sector.

In your account Twitter and Vimeo, This business Salamanca, two different locations for the same proposal, It has also posted a video in which fans can view how to see the letter augmented reality. Ahead!

Here we share some publications on Twitter of the dishes offered by the restaurant:

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