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The pizza robot that has dazzled Dodo Pizza and that cooks 150 pizzas by the hour


The robots pizzerias are becoming frequent in the fast food segment. The start-up juice has secured huge funds based on financing by investment groups just to achieve the automation of your chain of pizzerias. Late 2020 the media echoed Picnic Pizza System, a machine learning-based restaurant robotics solution capable of preparing 300 pizzas by the hour.

In Europe the French franchise Crazy people has bet on pizza robots to expand. And now Dodo Pizza has concluded its trial period with a new robotics model for restaurants specialized in the preparation of pizzas with very satisfactory results.

Dodo Pizza y xRobotics

Dodo Pizza is a young chain of pizzerias that operates mainly in countries of the ex-USSR like russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, as well as in EE. UU., Germany, Nigeria, China and Eastern European countries. In total, the chain founded in 2011 manages close to 700 establishments, being the 84% of them in Russian territory.

The chain allied with the technology company xRobotics at the beginning of the year to develop a test in real working conditions with pizza robots. For it, the San Francisco-based restaurant robotics developers (California, OF. UU.) installed an xPizza One module in one of the pizzerias managed by Dodo Pizza.

This state-of-the-art pizza robot far outperforms competitive models available on the market. With a production capacity of 150 pizzas by the hour, is close to some prototypes that will appear on the market in 2022 Y 2023.

To achieve this volume of pizzas, the machine automates the process using minirobots. The general module is in charge of synchronizing them so that each independent unit works in command.. Apart from the speed of work, One of the most notable pros of the xPizza One is that minimizes loss of ingredients, a very common inefficiency in pizzerias. This prevents pizza components from being wasted on the floor or spoiled on the work table..

In xRobotics they have worked so that the robot has the greatest versatility possible. In this way each robot can make use of 17 different ingredients, including different types of cheeses, salsas, vegetables and meats. Automation of the entire menu can be achieved if the menu is designed accordingly. further, various xPizza One can cooperate to address slightly larger ingredient lists (reaching an absolute limit in 23 ingredients).

One of the limitations that currently exist with the model are the accepted sizes for the pizzas. At the moment the automaton only works with masses of 10, 12 Y 14 inches. So good, These are the most common sizes in organized restoration.

Before starting mass production of the model, xRobotics engineers wanted to run a pilot test. And they do it like that.

Pizza Robot Case Study in the United States

The Dodo Pizza establishment located in Oxford (Mississippi, OF. UU.) was chosen for this experience. The machine was working on the premises for a month. The store manager configured the pizza robot to work with 11 ingredients. With this number they could output the 90% of the pizzas listed in your menu.

The metrics obtained at Oxford are clear. Although the initial investment of this type of systems is steep, payback is fast. The xPizza One operating at Dodo Pizza saving 32 hours of manual labor, reaching a maximum productivity of 100 pizzas per hour during peak demand on weekends.

Cost savings is a very important claim for pizzerias. This niche of the hospitality industry is characterized by being especially interested in possible automation methods in its mode of operation. In general, this automation leads to an increase in profit margins.. With the large volume of orders handled, this translates into a not inconsiderable increase in cash. The competitive advantage these automata bring cannot be ignored.

Dodo Pizza and others 9 pizza chains have been interested in the robot de xRobotics. Although chain production has not yet started, the technology company has already recorded reservations for more than 400 establishments.

The xPizza One will be officially released at the end of 2021 or early 2021. It will then compete directly with other major players in the robotics sector for pizzerias. El Picnic Pizza System Picnic and the PizzaBot 5000 of Lab2Fab (una filial de Middleby Corporation) they will be the most important rivals. Of course, It is not ruled out that other competitors appear in the meantime.

The future of restaurant robotics in the pizza niche

The world of robotics for catering is constantly boiling. Although the adoption of these automata in the hospitality sector begins to gain traction, the level of penetration varies greatly from one region to another. Asia takes the lead, followed closely by EE. THE. The rest of the markets are lagging behind but, following the reports of the ING Group of 2019, Europe begins to advance positions. It thus fights against a late adoption of technology that could place the hospitality sector in a compromised situation, already sufficiently damaged by the pandemic.

Over the next few years we will witness an increasingly widespread reception of these systems. The paradigm shift will be sentenced as soon as the largest pizza brands implement robotics. At the very moment Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Little Caesar Y Papa John’s Pizza join the robotics revolution, pizzerias will never be the same again.

There is no reason for it. Preparing a pizza is a highly repetitive process and the food industry has already perfected the process. The challenge now is to reduce the space required to automate the preparation and move the flow of tasks to the restaurant space.. So that, it is a matter of time before the chefs of the pizzerias receive new attributions. In the New Hospitality, robots dominate an important part of the kitchen space.

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