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Customer service is one of the major trends in the catering sector 2019


Too often, When we think of an exceptional restaurant, we do thinking about the chef and kitchen staff in charge, as well as dishes that these professionals are able to prepare.

The quality of food is important, There's no doubt, however this perception could be due to an almost sickening targeting industry professionals, food critics and lovers of gastronomy with what happens in the kitchen.

Although no one expects this to change in the future, another part of the staff could recover during this 2019 the popularity that rightfully belongs.

2019 It is the year in which the staff in contact with customers, room staff (maitre, Waiters, sumiller, etc.) It will vindicate its importance within the local. And it is that all these workers play essential roles for catering business, Moreover in this environment of digital transformation restaurants, where in some cases they seem to prevail technological solutions to human solutions.

Or do when we think of a fine dining establishment we could not imagine a more cordial, attentive and correct? Indeed, no one can compare the attention of a renowned restaurant located in a busy bass and international five-star hotel, with neighborhood bar where football clubs gather to celebrate goals from their sporting idols.

Given the rampant adoption of technology in the restoration, many brands are diluting the business differentiation, as the most efficient solutions in time and money are often copied at high speed, so that soon it seems that either the local part of the same holding business.

This problem is especially noticeable in the case of organized restoration, where the search for higher profit margins is constant.

Nevertheless, you begin to glimpse a reversal of this phenomenon, at least in part. A) Yes, while on one hand the installation of kiosks touch autopedido are spurs with face recognition, other restaurants advocate for a more humane and close relationship with its guests, with his eye on the possible customer loyalty and converting the casual visitor into a recurring customer.

But, What is even more interesting is that today there is already a tangible demand for staff able to interact in a friendly and jovial with customers naturally. And we emphasize "natural" because the charm in social relations is an attribute that can not be learned from overnight.

Good service is not incompatible with new technologies

On the one hand, have a management system client relations It makes it much easier to keep captivating conversations with local customers. It's not work bartender, But the sommelier meter conversation, but it never hurts to know entertain or speak if the situation gives rise to it.

On the other hand, it is desirable that the service of camaraderie actively involved in other tasks as may be restaurants the attention of the reserves or the review of reviews. Since they are local employees more time in contact with diners, it is logical that these activities would be favored by their intervention.

In the case of reservations, know who will visit the local a particular day offers a clear advantage when it comes to be pleasant in dealing when the person in question finally comes to the restaurant. And when we talk about reviews, no better way to thank the customer for the establishment or attempt to recover or alleviate a negative experience.

Use common sense when resolving conflicts is also part of the work of these professionals. Diplomacy is innate part, like all other personality characteristics discussed above, but you can also train and improve. A pending, recognized as comments a meter of Tower Bar de West Hollywood (California, OF. UU.): "There is much to learn".

From the perspective of the restorer who want to strengthen business differentiation, improve the user experience and, maybe, even the volume of benefits without resorting to digital transformation Restaurant, It all starts with hiring the appropriate staff.

Sean McGinness, meter of restaurante Addison, part of the luxury resort Fairmont Grand Del Mar in San Diego (California), It indicates that the priority is to find the diamond in the rough. When you have achieved one, refines with a training program six weeks; Or better, lo week, because McGinness wants not alter the personality of each worker, the last thing you want is another employee of "undesirable robotic service '.

Sean, He explains some of the problems that face class restaurants when adding new faces on campus: "One of the biggest challenges in implementing a multitude of standards relating to the movement, water as serving multiple people in sync, serve meals with side dishes garrisons, provide a chair, or placing a pedestal for a woman's handbag; is make the computer run these steps without losing its personality».

The most exclusive restaurants in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles and They are integrated into their teams called "Dreamweavers" (weavers of dreams or tejesueños). They are people with an unmatched ability to create a special and magical atmosphere in the local. This is something that is not achieved by following a few guidelines carved in stone.

I Aviram, operations director restaurants Curtis and Maude of the Angels, You want an approximation and organic committed to the customer: "The megatrend in restaurants cache is eliminate the rigidity of traditional French service. With each menu maximum worldwide, three Michelin stars, I've taken in the last years, the service is more and more comfortable but extremely considered. Less formality is the new way of doing things. They left behind some of the tropes that accompanied the experiences in high-end restaurants ".

On the other hand technology acucia restoration professionals who deal with customers adapt to changing times. Many chains have cut staff during the past year by new technological solutions, but some of them have also given new powers to employees who survived the reforms.

At the moment, a restaurant without human workers is not feasible, but the mix of people and innovative technology can be a winning combination. As stated by the co-owner of the restaurant Lilia and Mission de Brooklin, Sean Feeney «positions facing the public will become better and better as adopting more technology go».

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