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You want to be the best Bartender? Virtual Reality makes you a professional cocktails


Do you know the magic formula for making the perfect mojito? Can you be ready in a few seconds, a White Russian copazo without looking glass? Or even more complicated; Do you know the difference between a Cosmopolitan and Manhattan?

If not so, do not worry, Factory VR because the company has just launched the Bartender VR Simulator for Oculus Rift Y HTC Lives, an app which will allow everyone can control the complicated art of the alcohol mixture for making cocktails.

It is Virtual Reality Simulator or RV onwards, has been created in cooperation with the six-time World Champion Tomasz Maleky and Bartending is not a simple help learning how to mix drinks and get a perfect result, it is an ideal tool to learn the basic tricks of style and skill you should have everything bartender, to be considered as such.

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A progressive learning RV

Like a video game or football simulator it were, The application comes with a "career mode" that lets you travel the world visiting up to four exotic places where you will practice for learn and master all the tricks of the trade.

Of course, learning does not begin in a virtual VIP party at the highest level, the first steps are taken in a small music club, where you learn to make the most basic combined. Apprentices must complete levels bartender to access the opportunity to work at the next location, increasingly dominating drinks and new skills up to restaurants really amazing.

Once you obtain the certificate of completion of the course, You can take on a new challenge in the Pro Mode mode.

VR Factory offers the purest realism

Factory VR has strived to make the Bartender VR Simulator be as realistic as possible, so the user will have to learn to choose the right glass or cup from a wide range, and crushed ice or chopped, among other things. In addition to knowledge of the full range of liquors, the application you provide the spark needed to end up being a true professional cocktails and combined.


further, that in the case of an application virtual reality does not mean that glasses and bottles can not break, so you will have to implement all your attention and skill.

Even though that him Bartender VR Factory It is a single player game, you can add competition that enhances our learning process. To do statistics have been included throughout the entire game, what They will allow us to compete with other players Challenges style: “Who will win more money on each bar?, Who will make a perfect beverage in the shortest time possible? Or who the biggest tip for a single drink hypnotizing customers with technical and own styles of Tom Cruise in the film will win 1988 Cocktail?”… What starts the game!

Currently, Bartender Simulator VR is already available through Steam by 14,99 EUR.

Once again, technology and innovation as a vehicle to serve the restaurant sector to help businesses bridge the digital divide. In this way they can be positioned closer to the tastes of new consumers, and thus obtain, a competitive advantage.

A training experience for the hospitality industry that fits the learning new trends and consumption. Train employees of a restaurant by Virtual Reality is fully enter the digital transformation of the HORECA industry. Remember the case of Honeygrow, a chain of fast food restaurants that used virtual reality to recruit and train employees

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