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Tiller POS system celebrates its fifth anniversary


Tiller Systems, the startup technology that provides a solution point of sale for restaurants, has fulfilled 5 year old. More than 6500 customers across Europe, the company offers a POS system touch which not only enables the collection, but also the management and business analysis to centralize control in one place.

The startup was founded in 2014 por Joseph Bovet, Dimitri Farber and Vincent Oliveira with a single goal: allow entrepreneurs to take control of their businesses and become better managers. Looking bring professional tools from large chains to all kinds of restaurants, the group developed a POS system "all in one" that provides features such as quick taking orders, Personnel management, data analysis in real time, stock control and more.

Since then, the company He has raised 16 millions of euros and today has offices in Spain, France and Italy. It has also launched more than 100 updates its application to date. "We want to offer ever more", Mariana establishes Clavel, Communications Manager startup, "Mobile ordering, Reservations, remote management ... all within a single tool, Intuitive and easy to use ".

Next steps

After his first half, Tiller plans to focus on its technological development. Late last year the company announced its own service orders at home, Tiller Delivery, and a new version of your application with features such as intelligent plan tables, Automatic recognition of menus, orders renewed interface and access control employees.

Another objective of the startup is to conquer the European market, representing more than 7,5 millions of traders. Currently, Tiller is a leader in its segment in Spain and France and seeks to strengthen its international presence by extending its roots to other European countries. He landed in Spain early 2017 and it has added clients throughout the country. "Our proposal is simple", establishes Clavel, "We offer everything that restaurants need to control your business in one place".

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