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Social Media restauranting conquer new markets


Today I share with you an important news for the SMR(Social Media Restauranting) and for me, And is that a few days ago the online magazine of reference in the restaurant industry in Spain, GestionRestaurantes.com, It is offering its readers a permanent space in your home with my past articles under the title “SOCIAL MEDIA RESTAURANTING“.

But that is not all, I have also reached an agreement with the company Horeca Solutions, owns GestionRestaurantes.com, by which I'll post 12 exclusive items in your magazine for more than 60.000 monthly readers that the publication has today.

One of the goals I asked myself when I started this wonderful project that is my blog, was sharing with more people my knowledge and experience in the field of social networking and restaurants. So I'm sure this new challenge, that fills me with enthusiasm, It is an important step towards achieving that goal and that more companies can meet the incredible possibilities of social networks.

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CEO of DiegoCoquillat.com and director of the EscuelaDiegoCoquillat.com, teacher, consultant, lecturer and entrepreneur incorrigible. If you can not find it here, search near the sea. Passion for new technologies and restaurants ... passion for life.


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