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Social Media restauranting reaches Argentina


In my recent visit to Argentina, I could share my theories Social Media Restauranting with different segments within the restaurant industry Argentina.

I began the journey in the city of Mendoza, the main wine growing area of ​​the country, besides participating in its fantastic harvest festival, Thanks to the Bodega Trapiche, you can share with different professionals of the restaurants sector and distribution, coming from many very different parts of the world, trends that are implanted in each area within the restaurant industry.

Noting the enormous differences in the process of adapting existing techno-international, with countries or areas with very implanted developments against others who are starting almost.

I later moved to Rosario, the third most populous city in Argentina, with its majestic river Parana, that gives infinite beauty to this area.

I taught a conference on new digital trends in hospitality and took part in a highly entertaining discussion with the owners of the best restaurants and hotels in the city, which was promoted by AEHGAR (Culinary Hospitality Business Association and Allied Rosario).

Diego Coquillat Conference in Argentina

Finally I went to my #SMRestaurantinArg Buenos Aires, the great metropolis Argentina, the political and business center of the country.

Here I met in person the project Restorando, thanks to Franco Silvetti (Co-Founder) Y Valeria Acin (Commercial manager), the company's online restaurant reservations most important of all Latin America, with presence in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Panama, Peru and Uruguay.

Along with the team of Restorando, I shared a brief presentation on the current status of the global digitalization of the restaurant and participated in a round of questions to which journalists and restaurateurs joined.

Diego Coquillat in Restorando

I have to confess that it has been an experience personally and professionally magnificent, Getting to give greater value and a more comprehensive approach to the concept of Social Media restauranting, thanks to the contributions of various professionals with whom I could share and discuss.

Argentina for me has a unique charm, Many know that I own the Argentinean grill El Rancho Madrid For more than 10 years and that it has joined me in a very special way with people, culture and cuisine of this wonderful country.

A country plagued with creativity and opportunities, with problems affecting the restaurants sector in Spain are not relevant, such as inflation or insecurity.

I appreciated large internal inequalities, both in the use and implementation of digital, between Buenos Aires and the rest of the country.

But everyone has one very clear idea, the future of the restaurants sector in Argentina necessarily involves training, development and implementation of new digital channels.

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