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Social Media restauranting arrives in Dominican Republic


A few days ago I was lucky enough to participate in the 1st edition of 360º Congress held in the city of Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) with a conference / four-hour workshop entitled “Restaurant Online Marketing”, where I boarded the change of model which is currently the global restaurant industry based on the concept that I created and developed the Social Media Restauranting.

Restaurants Santo Domingo Social Networks

I conducted several interviews for media, one of these is contained in the following video, as I would like to share with all my readers; fué emitida en un canal de televisión dominicano y publicada en el blog The Travelyn Glass, donde hablo de diferentes temas relacionados con las redes sociales y los restaurantes.

In addition to my speech I could enjoy my teammates conferences; Tomeu Pons habló de Revenue Management Hotelero, an interesting topic to optimize hotel management tools in order to increase the income of a hotel and where they might find a lot of synergies to be applied in the hospitality sector. By the leader in online hotel reputation, Review Pro, They attended his Ceo RJ Friedlander y su Directora Comercial para España y Latino América Cristina López, who explained their product and the enormous benefits that currently has the reputation management online for a hotel and how customer feedback are directly influencing the number of reservations of these. By last Joan Sanz que bajo el concepto Hotel 2.0 He conducted a detailed review of the many benefits that this new channel is for the hotel sector.

There is one aspect that I would like to emphasize and I am perceiving through different recruitment requests I am getting in recent months and many of them are directly related to tourism, and is the enormous consciousness by tourist destinations, national and international, you are giving the restaurant industry as a very important element in a comprehensive strategy to promote tourism and with a clear conscience to inform the enormous benefits sector that the use of new technologies and social networks will be the future development of their business.

In all international experience in which I have participated always I have a higher dose of uncertainty and emotion, for all that involves travel arrangements, the little nuances of language, the fact of facing a new culture, acceptance of the content that I share with the audience, but there is nothing more rewarding than being able to read some of the reactions of the people who have assisted through twitter to make you feel very happy with your work:












Finally I want to thank especially the organizers Joan Sanz, Victor Pizarro, Viola Suárez and his team the enormous effort and sacrifice they have made for this congress became a resounding success and is the beginning of a long road…Thank you very much and we'll see again soon!

Social Media restauranting arrives in Dominican Republic
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