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The sushi, the favorite food of the Spanish couples to celebrate Valentine


Platform leading home food Just Eat has presented an infographic that illustrates They are asking for food delivery couples the world's Valentine's Day

further, to take advantage of the close relationship between love and food, Eat Just launched a new contest on Instagram with which aims to unite 14 couples through food

According to the data itself Just Eat, orders rise on average 50% during the day of lovers. And this is a perfect opportunity and where more and more couples choose to enjoy a romantic evening without having to worry about the kitchen.

Japanese cuisine, Chinese and Italian concentrate most orders on the day of lovers in Spain. Among the dishes chosen for the occasion by the Spanish stand spring rolls, chicken with almonds, the sushi, pizza or oriental-style noodles. The tiramisu is a favorite dessert on Valentine's Day, followed by cheesecake, hand diamond (a cake from Turkish cuisine), the chocolate cake and brownie.

What do you ask couples home for Valentine's Day?

They say that there are no boundaries in love, but gastronomic tastes think so. A) Yes, According to an infographic prepared Just Eat, he 14 February in New Zealand and the UK triumphs Indian food, agglutinating 64% and the 27% respectively of total orders). Italian food is the undisputed leader in Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, France, Australia and, Of course, in Italy, while Chinese food is preferred by lovers in Ireland. in Canada, As in Spain, They opt for Japanese food.

Rising food delivery orders during this day confirms the relationship between gastronomy and love. This relationship is not only evident 14 February, but also it notes throughout the year as, According to Just Eat, he 39% users said order delivery to celebrate a romantic date.

Users who choose to order delivery are usually young people, cosmopolitan, with an average purchasing power and living in family or couple.Just Eat infographic countries

Justeat contest on social networks to "unite twins stomachs"

In view of the close relationship between love and food, Just Eat this Valentine launch a new competition in social networks to unite twins stomachs.

He 13 Y 14 February, Users can upload photos of your favorite dishes to your Instagram Stories, mentioning @JustEat_es and using the hashtag #FOODMATCH.

Just Eat in turn will put together users with the same culinary tastes and give away them a discount code. The company raffled each day 7 Awards 50 euros, and Valentine's Day prize of 500 euros.

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