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The 5 international breakfasts most loved to Spanish


Up in the morning and receive breakfast at home and ready to eat is one of the pleasures most valued by the Spanish. In fact, Madrid is the third city more coffee and pastries calls through the web of Deliveroo.

But, What kind of breakfast they preferred for their content? Deliveroo, company quality food at home, It has developed a survey to know the tastes of Spanish. According to these data, he 59% Spaniards prefer more diverse breakfast that they have nothing to do with the Mediterranean.

He 33% of respondents prefer a gourmand option including buns, chocolate and sweet drink, for that to be a tribute on certain days and usually order it the Donutería in Barcelona or Dunkin in Madrid.

However, the second option, with a 10% breakfast is healthy: whole wheat bread, turkey and cheese, especially in recent weeks where summer is already beginning to near. For example, Deliveroo customers can ask to Valencia Bastard Coffee & Kitchen.

The five most popular international breakfast

The Spaniards have already made clear they are quite dice to try foods from other parts of the world, something that also make the first meal of the day. This is the top 5 international breakfast more like the Spanish (that they have nothing to do with the classic Mediterranean breakfast):

1. Breakfast typically English. The English tradition of including in the first meal of the day fried eggs, bacon and beans is the preferred choice for a good part of the Spanish.

2. Korean breakfast. A typical Korean meals are rolled tortillas with vegetables. The colorful aspect carrot or peppers give the dish, They will make it an appetizing breakfast for Spanish.

3. Fried rice Indonesio. The typical breakfast of Indonesia, It is consisting of fried rice and egg, It is very appealing to Spanish. This dish has several variations but rice and eggs are two of the basic that usually prevail in a good fried rice.

4. Colombian soup changua. South America and gastronomy are increasingly fashionable among Spaniards. A good example of this is the changua, a typical broth Colombian where egg, milk and onions are not lacking.

5. Israeli breakfast with eggs and tomatoes. He shakshukais a typical breakfast of Israel who would like to try some of the respondents. It is poached eggs with tomato sauce, onion, pepper and cumin.

Nevertheless, Tradition still a lot of weight among Spanish. In fact, he 41% of the Spanish claims that prefer the Mediterranean breakfast composed of toast, orange juice and coffee both have roots in Spain. Most orders are in Café San Telmo in Barcelona and Juicy in Madrid.

"Through such studies we see how the Spaniards are diversifying their tastes and no longer reduced to the usual coffee with toast, although continued success. Deliveroo advantage is that you can order many types of food through the same application ", he said Blanca Rodriguez, Marketing Director Deliveroo.

These are some of the delicious breakfasts featuring Deliveroo, showing us through his Instagram account and that, then, we want to share with you:

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