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The Under Norway will become the largest undersea restaurant in the world


One of the main strategies to attract new clientele time in the world of restoration is offering a unique experience with food. That is why the theme restaurants mushrooming all over the world, relying on decorations and most varied scenery to get the attention of potential consumers: prisons, Hawaiian banquet, sailor taverns design, bars acclimated as local bikers ... Any idea can become the next big thing.

This is just what aspiring restaurant owners Under Norwegian, which will open next spring. Visitors enjoy an evening they will do there immersed in an aquatic stage.

Not far from the first time that this type of decoration is used as a claim, There are examples around the world.

One of them is in the United Arab Emirates, specifically in the city of Dubai. The restaurant Nathan Outlaw and Al Mahara It is a local located in the iconic ultra-luxury hotel Burj Al Arab. Customers can leave their wallets Shivering (It is an expensive place even taking into account the standards of the country) while enjoying the fish swimming in an aquarium quietly titanic (three million liters) completely enveloping stay.

Another refreshing experience comes from the hand Restaurant The Cargo Hold. During any meal in this restaurant business diners can enjoy the company of his companions and also of offering the sharks swarming adjacent water tanks. Sharks patrol imposing water with only a crystal separation mode. The Cargo Hold is part of uShaka Marine World Theme Park Durban (South Africa).

But there are certainly few as shocking as the Atrium Bar, which as its name suggests, They are in a small inner square, which protect the walls of Radisson Blu Hotel Berlin (Germany). This bar tables are arranged around a large cylindrical aquarium reminiscent of a bioreactor. Specifications are amazing: 24 meters high, a million liters of water and 1500 tropical fish up this huge commercial claim.

Although not radically new, he restaurante Under which is about to open is different in essence. Rather than assume the extra cost to acquire these types of decorations involves, They have chosen eaters dip directly into the sea.

A) Yes, there is no clear limit to the number of oceanic species that you can see. Speaking of the local, biologist Trond Rafoss points to several aspects that must be taken into consideration when treating this restaurant.

On the one hand developers have inadvertently chosen a point of high value fauna. In the waters Lindesnes, town flanked by fjords where is the restaurant, collide waters of the Atlantic Ocean with the North Sea, Since each of these regions has its wildlife features, the location serves as a meeting point for all kinds of species. That is why for many this area is considered a biodiversity hotspot.

Since the restaurant emphasizes this aspect. Watching tourism, highly developed and in Norway, It will be reinforced with new proposal: "We will attract tourists from around the world. That is our goal ", Gaute confessed Ubostad, one of the cofounders of the gastronomic space.

For creating the building, the impact on the natural environment has always been taken into consideration. As a result it has not diminished the landscape value of the enclave, a rugged rocky coast in which architectural mole looks like another gray stone slab detached from the fjords who has gone to sea.

Integration of building on the ground is something to thank estudio Snøhetta, famous for having participated in important projects such as the lifting of the Oslo Opera House, and it has been the responsible for the design and construction Restaurant.

Nor they have forgotten the merger of the walls with immediate habitat. The materials used are as viable substrate for barnacles, mussels, began, anemones and other beings with similar environmental preferences, that eventually they will cover the outside without compromising the structural integrity of the site.

further, far from being a problem, This is a situation that is actively pursued. Rafoss notes that Local lights attract zooplankton suspended in nearby streams. As a base of the food pyramid sea, These bodies act in turn as bait for other predators larger. The predictable result is that after the windows of the living room always has abundant marine activity.

In any case, the enormous variety of life is not all that is offered in the restaurant. In front of the stove will Nicolai Pedersen Ellitsgaard, exchef award-winning restaurant Maltid in the relatively nearby city of Kristiansand.

The menus include especially the typical and appreciated products in the Nordic gastronomy: Lamb reared free, shorebirds, forest berries, fish, seafood ...

The result of a job well done will be released in the first months of 2019, when, except catastrophe, the restaurant will become Under the first underwater restaurant in Europe, privilege it was thought that would be for the planned and highly touted The Krystall, which finally came to fruition.

further, Under also will become the restaurant of this type larger worldwide, which will undoubtedly boost reserves as mentioned Ubostad. With more than four months ahead for the opening run, It is no longer possible to find table for the inauguration.

Fortunately that will not be problems accessing scientific. Oceanographers and biologists will free pass out of hours service, another example of the environmental commitment displayed by the cofounders, since the idea is allow experts to use glazed areas to make valuable observations to conserve biodiversity in the region.

If you like fish, either released or emplatado, the Under Lindesnes seems to be positioned as a Gastronomic tourism destination and observation exceptionally well suited.

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