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The world's only restaurant with a menu retro 3D View Master


We live in a frantic technological revolution where every day appear on the market new devices more sophisticated. The restaurants are no strangers to this and in many cases are pioneers in the implementation of some of these technologies, looking to surprise your customers and get a free promotion through the impact that many of these stories have in social networks.

Social networks and Restaurants

So it's always interesting to discover that there is still a minority of nostalgic forgotten attempting to use resources and almost obsolete in a different way, Current and creative, making its restaurants a sort of time warp where you can enjoy the intense emotions that always elicits memories of a past time.

This is the case of the Korean restaurant MONO + MONO, MJ Chung and property located in New York City, which he premiered a few days ago the 3D View-Master menu to display some of their star dishes and sophisticated cocktails prepared with soy.

He View Master is a typical child's toy that looks like a camera, sure you all know that, in which stereoscopic images are displayed simulating a sense of depth.

Its owner was able to collect 80 cameras of this type through eBay for their guests, the next picture you can see one of them:

This is how customers can relive that feeling of when they were children, but now you are seeing a restaurant menu :

Here are some of the images with an absolutely retro style that can be viewed with the View Master:

Anecdotally I would like to emphasize that this restaurant also has one of the collections of vinyls most important Jazz New York City, is estimated at more than 30.000 disks as you can see in the picture below left wall decorate the entire restaurant :

Presumably many of the customers once leaving the restaurant They will return to the technological reality and review your iPhone, the photos they have done in Instagram or tuitearán his experience being impossible to escape the tentacles “oppressors” of this technology revolution, but it is always interesting to have some point of rest where we can see ancient objects reinvent themselves with current uses.

How would you react if you sit in a restaurant and the waiter gives you a camera of this type instead of the typical carte menu?

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