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Veganism reaches the Disney amusement parks in the US. THE. more than 400 vegetable-based dishes


Veganism and vegetarianism continue to increase in EE. THE. and the rest of the West. In Spain there are already almost four million citizens those who refuse to eat animal products and in their absence base their diet on fruits, grain, legumes and various vegetables.

Escalating demand for vegan products has led to Disney's decision to bring vegan menus to their amusement parks located on US soil. A) Yes, he Disney World from Orlando (Florida) and the Disney Resort de Anaheim (California) They already have a wide repertoire of options suitable for vegan and vegetarian consumers.

Visitors can find 400 different vegan dishes in amusement parks since summer of last year. In one of the parks it already became operational in October 2019, there the initial experience was a resounding success. Such a success that it convinced the management to export this change in the menu to other parks.

Dishes, specially designed to be consistent with the Disney universe, have such interesting recipes such as hummus two suns of Tatooine, inspiring on the desert planet of the Star Wars saga.

Extensive use is made of products such as gnocchi, the dumplings, cauliflower, el tofu, and other plant raw materials. And we say plant-based because the Mickey mouse brand has chosen not to define them as vegan. This is due to the fickleness of the definition of this term, that has slowly changed over the years, so that what initially was considered no longer be vegan, not while in other cases still no consensus, as may occur for example with figs.

Since the fanciful names that have christened the new vegan creations can be misleading, and above all cause some doubts at the diner, everybody Items in the letter made using only vegetable ingredients listed on the menu with a small green leaf. A picking one of these dishes, Users can eat quietly, knowing that no animal has been sacrificed to prepare the gastronomic delight chosen.

Disney sets the roadmap for the rest of amusement parks, so far they presented themselves as one of the least hospitable places for vegans, as in these facilities is often used to more traditional fast food: burgers, pizzas, hotdogs, tacos and the like. In fact, only at Disney World, in a normal year, they serve 10 million burgers a year, 6 million hotdogs and nearly one million tons of turkey meat, especially thighs.

Disney fans who followed the vegan eating philosophy no longer have to break their heads using the unofficial guide to Vegan Disney World. Since vegans news groups has been held, and now they await the moment when the entire menu is free of suffering animals.

The arrival of vegan options at Disney World and Disney Resort is not a surprise. In addition to changes in consumer habits of the target audience for Disney, developments in US. THE. respond to a global strategy which it had previously been implemented in China, Hong Kong and France. Disney theme parks in those countries had for some time ago with options fully based on vegetable ingredients as may be the risotto mushroom, sauteed vegetables dumplings, or banana cake and caramel.

It is foreseeable that in the near future cruise company, Hawaii catering establishments and other resorts scattered around the world join the trend of veganism. We cover the news when it happens.

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