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Vegetarianism is growing in the Spanish hotel industry


Restaurants throughout Spain have joined the bandwagon of vegetarianism in recent years. It seems that extends a trend that comes from the US, where an informal Mintel, a research company Global Market, says that "in the last three years, vegetarian menus saw a growth 66%.

This fact is directly related to the notoriety that this type of diet has been gaining in recent times, always linked to the healthy food, the new culinary trends and increased information around these eating habits.

In the next post we explain some of the key factors that have led to this type of diet, before minority, has broken so the hostelry Spanish.

A healthy and balanced diet

One of the biggest complaints diet Vegetarian It is the provision of a series of optimal eating habits to the body, without resorting to meat or fish, fatty foods, Besides, involve the death of other animals. Even so, the reasons which led to underpin such growth is not solely on the philosophical basis of this movement.

According Caleb Bryant, food service analyst Mintel: “The growing interest in vegetables is especially promising for restaurants… Attendees at restaurants not only accept vegetables, but that they are adopting in your diet”. We are witnessing a total transformation of the hostelry, as well as the usual dynamic so far in major restaurants of all the world.

Meanwhile, he marketing He has had a lot to do in this new dynamic. Haute cuisine and new culinary trends, especially those that emerged in recent years, They have encouraged the incorporation of new food proposals in the daily lives of citizens.

Healthy food and culinary art

Many people attributed this new trend to a simple fashion, but the truth is that vegetarian diet It has gradually been making a hole in the daily lives of citizens. On the one hand, host of renowned chefs, such as Ferran Adrià, They have been interested in the qualities of this type of food. Without going further, El Bulli It had a Special menu 35 vegetarian dishes which hosted, at the time, rave reviews.

Undoubtedly the culinary art, as well as the great chefs of the moment, They have helped foster this boom vegetarianism in restaurants all over the world. Boom recently has manifested itself in our country after increasing its presence in hostelry. A change that has been experienced in the past three years.

The vegetarian restaurants in Spain

As expected, the increased demand has led to a considerable increase in supply in our country, assuming the appearance of a large number of vegetarian restaurants in many cities. Every day more people are interested in this type of diet, either out of curiosity or for ecological reasons. And in hospitality it has not been taken too long stimulating a trend that was evident.

Some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Spain They are distributed among the main capitals of the country, but the interest of citizens for this type of diet is not limited to the cosmopolitan environment, but it goes beyond. Today it is very common in small towns, especially those that have a certain interest, They have been overturned in the aka vegetarianism. So that, We found in his letters offering various free menus animal products, designed to cover such recent demand.

Sustainability and ecological principles

Another major reasons that have led to such an increase in the cuisine has to do with different ecological principles, related environment and the sustainability. The vegetarian diet It has positioned itself as the strongest proposal of the main environmental movements. This diet suggests eating more sustainable methods, in line with the environmental problems they have become the media interest since the late twentieth century.

The need to educate minds, in order to foster a better future for humanity, He has led the company to devote himself environmental protection, as well as the protection of animal rights. Large landholdings, as well as major slaughterhouses in the world, they have been on the ropes in recent years. This is because it has been uncovered that the humiliating treatment given to animals. As expected, collective sensitivity has been aware of this great crisis.

traditional feeding methods may go to prevail in future generations, but vegetarianism He has managed to gain a foothold in both large media and in everyday life of people. He increase has been observed worldwide, one of the reasons why and active part of our lives.

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  1. So is, one of the wonders of being super-connected is that information flies and removes awareness. Excellent article, it should be pointed me by my experience as a vegan and as Chef Veggie, that current vegetarian options at sites far from please me much, especially when supply a pizza or a burger, Let us not forget that two of the foundations of gastronomy mass, which they are gaining strength, reaching heights of gourmet cuisine.

    • Jose Berenguer on

      Hi Gema. Thank you very much for your comment. You're right, vegetarian and vegan food tour still has a lot to do. Hopefully continue to emerge new and attractive proposals so that we become echo of them ;). we read, a greeting.

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