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“Video is becoming more used by restaurants”


A follower performing the following question me via twitter:

Videos for restaurants

Thanks to my new YouTube channel, DiegoCoquillatTV I could make a video-post and answer this follower, but I've also been able to interview one of the people who best know the world of videos in Spain, David Macías, CEO Videolean.

Interview with David Macías



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said in the interview links:

VideoLAN, create professional videos for your restaurant in minutes

Paradores, official website of the network of Paradores of Spain

Wistia, Video Hosting for Business

Vine, Create & share beautiful looping videos

Instagram, Capture and share world moments

Animoto, Create videos for home or business

The minute-by-minute interview:

00:27 – The question that sent me @derestaurate a través twitter

01:10 – Report on the most relevant data Youtube

03:45 – What is Videolean?

04:20 – What is the difference in the impact of video on any other content?

05:15 – Why an innkeeper should use Videolean or video channel?

06:50 – What steps are in Videolean to make a video?

09:55 – Report successful case for potential video?

11:25 – How to tell the stories in videos? What are the explanatory videos? How to catch the customer in a restaurant with a video?

13:10 – How video is promoted through various social channels? What social network basarías your strategy to distribute the video?

16:15 – What is the cost of a professional HD video for hospitality?

19:08 – What advice would you give hoteliers to launch into making videos?

The 10 Key interview:

1. It is easier to position a video on major search engines a website

2. Incorporating tablets and smartphones have exponentially increased traffic videos

3. Videolean is an online platform where any user without knowledge can communicate your project with a video of a very simple way

4. Restaurants need to attract users and video is a perfect tool

5. The steps for video are Videlean : choose the template + customize texts, music and images + promote it in different social channels ... all in less than 3 minutes

6. To make a video first thing is to have the need to solve your restaurant, then show your product and solution, and conclude with a slogan that facilitates memory.

7. It is important that the video at the end propose us “call to action”, to motivate the users want to learn more about our restaurant

8. The important thing is not only to make video, but I communicate, If your video does not see anyone there is a clear distribution problems

9. Currently the video channel is king Yotube level position and it is the second most used search engine after Google

10. there is no great cost to make a video and effectiveness is measurable, It is therefore important to delegate to a person you take communication if the landlord does not have time

Video presentation Videolean

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