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The video will be the King of Social Networks in 2017… and restaurants


Back in 2013 the video was beginning to show clear signs that He was going to "make war" in networks. already 2016 final explosion came as candidate number 1 the MVP of the season so it was, this past year dominated Facebook and Instagram and began to settle on Twitter. That's why the 2017 It must be the year of consecration, in which it was put in place as an absolute dominator and so It must be paramount in any social media strategy for this new course.

Video kill the post star

In the year 1980, The Buggles made a prophecy that later became reality: Vídeo kill the radio star. Something similar has happened to Social Networks, gradually the balance has been clearly leaning towards the preponderance Video. To the point of turning it into the format preferred by all. First state, a simple sentence, Then it was time for photos and albums (that now tends to disappear and exploit the so-called "memories") and now the video streaming as Master & Commander.

This trend is sustained data. Reviewing the last study ComsCore It follows that It is increasingly using the Internet to watch videos (8 each 10 Spanish almost daily) and it is made directly from the networks (where the king is Youtube, but Facebook and Instagram are gaining will increasingly battle).

The importance of direct

The ABCs of Social Networking is based on showing the world what you're doing right at that moment. In the instantaneity and interaction with other users reside authentic ‘quid’ the question. Starting from this point. he 2016 It has been a completely revolutionary year, in which everything changed and has opened a new way to discover the speed of light and see how it evolves.

The first to break the lance for live video was Periscope, already in 2015 got some numbers of users attracted the attention of the company briefest: Twitter. While Periscope was done with the direct, Snapchat he became the goose that lays golden eggs messages and pictures that disappear instantly recognized as "This message will self-destruct in…” del Inspector Gadget.

How could it be otherwise, shark Social Networks could not be left out of this new and interesting trend that is broadcast live video and ephemerality. Because, Zuckerberg & Co. they soon develop Facebook Live, to compete face to face with Periscope, e Instagram Stories, which it nullified almost completely Snapchat with 150 million users per day!

If an alien on Earth carry one week to ask him the quintessential video platform, it would take very little to make the name Youtube. Given the maelstrom of live, direct, until Youtube has had to modernize and has begun broadcasting live content as you can see in the manual of your academia.

Facebook Live positioning and irrefutable facts

Over time and it is difficult to stop and see the magnitude reached by the everyday Facebook with which it is used. Gradually it has become the family photo album, in the address book and especially, the main source of information. Open country, The world, ABC, Mark or AS was our daily bread upon waking, but now all that is in the feed From Facebook.

This is why video must be present or yes on the networking strategy of any restaurant. Facebook is one of the engines in the world and is clearly betting on video. And not only bet, but also like and cove between users.

More than 1.500 million users consume 100 million hours of video diariamiente, , they are shared by the followers and increases to generating organic range 80% interaction. These are the reasons that explain Mark Zuckerberg & Co. so well positioned and push video content to both.

You should always take advantage of the slipstream and follow the trail of trends and 2016 She brought before us this fever for video that cannot be missed. The video is here to stay in the world of Social Networks…and restaurants.

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Journalist because of Julio Ruiz and Disco Grande de RNE3. After passing through cultural programs in Onda Madrid and AS Journal, way to my first five years in the sector gastronomic communication, with a special eye on the use of social networks and gourmet restaurants. Rock & Goal as a lifestyle.


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