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Elon Musk create a warehouse space to distribute food delivery to everyone in less than an hour


If 2018 the food delivery arrives at our door in the hands of a dealer, in 2021 You could do it through our windows, encapsulated in small ceramic containers equipped with parachute.

During the XXXIX Anniversary Ariane rocket held at the Guiana Space Center spaceport of Kourou (French Guiana), Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO and creator of Tesla Motors, He agreed to give a lecture on the state of the mission that will take man to Mars 2023.

Among the surprises deparó the meeting of scientists and engineers, drew attention Elon Musk plans to create commercial distribution warehouse in orbit allowing shipping products with high demand to anywhere on our planet in less than an hour.

The structure is prior to the colonization of Mars step: "Once again there will be no second chances. It is necessary to take all the work done from home, and hence this pilot project makes sense. We can detect problems beforehand in an environment we know well, act on them and provide a fully functional system once we face the lack of infrastructure on the planet of destination ', Musk elaborated.

Musk amasses a huge following in their social networks. His ambitious plan to make the man reaches the neighboring planet has aroused fascination among Internet, they see an end to this mission beyond purely economic or business. Thus the initiative has already been celebrated by the fans.

However, Musk plays in the same league as all other major companies in the world so to achieve their goals is forced to move forward with a roadmap, sometimes, It moves away from the initial target.

In this case, to ensure error-free provisioning on Mars, Elon Musk plans to make the competition Amazon already Alibaba, currently exercised its hegemony in operations retail on earth.

But this is only the beginning. They will expand as future modules Commercial Space Station (o CSS, This has been agreed to call the orbiting platform from which to launch encapsulated), It is planned to increase the number of items available with overall shipping to almost a hundred.

What is of particular interest to restorers business line is designed to gastronomy. Although only come into operation in late 2021, there are some great brands in the industry of fast food have become interested.

Steve Easterbrook, Executive Director McDonald’s, He offered his perspective on technology: "These ceramic capsules offer us a unique opportunity to send orders anywhere family of the world. Inside the cylinder burgers Iran stacked like Pringles potato in its tube ".

further, He added that they have plans to create a new burger, the McSpace, only it is available through CSS and dispense beef hamburger steak to employ "true ingredients used by astronauts, Lyophilized as pasta and bacon rehydratable ".

Since Domino’s They have also spoken: "To adapt to the ceramic capsule we have to evolve the traditional format of pizza. We are working to develop a rolled new version, to be introduced in the container as a scroll in a case».

Some critics have rushed to qualify the draft sinsentido, indicating that the food would cool on the trip an hour. Nevertheless, that's not true.

Patent ceramics capsule emphasizes excellent thermal insulation of the ceramic material used art. further, all foods receive heat stroke before being received by the reentry. "We have it all thought", Musk sentenced a tweet.

Confirmation that arrive hot food was the final push that's needed Starbucks to join the wave of anticipation: "This system will reach all coffee lovers the world without opening more than one million establishments'.

Only three years so that capsules parcels and home delivery of food crossing the horizon like shooting stars.

In the meantime, the next time we raise our eyes to heaven think of how nice it would be all this if it was not a joke for the Day of the Holy Innocents. 😉

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