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TheFork is now TheFork: an international brand with more than 80.000 restaurants in the world


Already 15 years since a group of entrepreneurs decided to revolutionize and digitize the restaurant industry worldwide through a small startup what, over time, has become the main ally of the hospitality sector and the leader in online restaurant reservations in the world. As in any company, the brand has evolved and grown exponentially during all these years, expanding into new markets, always true to its essence and its commitment to connecting restaurants and diners. Today the brand takes a new step in Spain and opens a new chapter in its history: The Fork is now TheFork, the global name by which the company is recognized internationally and in the 22 countries in which it operates in Europe, Latin America and Australia.

The company that was born in 2007, currently leads the global market for online restaurant reservations and is trusted by a network of nearly 80.000 restaurants globally (more of 12.000 in Spain). During the first years it was operated in each country under the local brand (LaFourchette, TheFork, ElTenedor), with a clear mission: be the reference app to discover, find and plan the best dining experience. A strategy that is maintained but that, after the immense expansion of the company towards other markets started in 2014 after the acquisition by the Tripadvisor group, has resulted in a strong international brand under the name TheFork. A name recognizable throughout the world and now joined by Spain.

TheFork, an international success with the essence of always

This new change is nothing more than a consolidation and a boost to the brand image at a global level.. It happens to have the same name in the 22 countries where it currently operates, but it maintains the same essence and the same values ​​as always. In recent years, especially in these last two, TheFork team has known how to adapt to changes and market trends through hard work and the ability to learn. TheFork will continue to offer the best service to diners and hoteliers. On the one hand, offering the possibility of finding and booking in tens of thousands of restaurants around the world (most in europe) with 29 millions of opinions from other diners Y, on the other hand, giving access to restaurants the possibility of receiving additional reservations thanks to the 29 million visits that TheFork has every month in the countries where it operates.

The last year has been the one with the most challenges and challenges the company has overcome, but his strategy was adapted to each circumstance and place, focused on supporting restaurants to reactivate their business, help diners find the perfect restaurant for every occasion and continue to digitize the industry. A good example of this were initiatives such as “Save the Restaurants ", that managed to raise about 500.000 euros for participating restaurants during the total closure of the sectorr; free visibility to the "delivery" and "takeaway" options of its associated restaurants; O "Let's go back to the restaurants", a global action that mobilized millions of diners around the world and helped to reactivate consumption after confinement. Definitely, TheFork has not stopped showing its support for the hospitality industry since its creation and especially in this last hard year in which it has invested more than 25 millions of euros (4,5 million in Spain) in actions to accelerate the recovery of the sector.

This change responds to the natural evolution of an international brand of the size of TheFork. The company has not stopped growing during the last 15 years to lead the market for online restaurant reservations globally. Our presence in multiple markets requires a global brand that can be easily recognized by diners around the world., something that will undoubtedly boost consumption related to tourism in all the countries in which we operate. Spain is one of our key markets and although the name changes, we are still the same. We remain faithful to our mission of supporting and offering the best service to diners and restaurants, firmly betting on innovation with new digital proposals to help the sector adapt to the new context with tools such as TheFork PAY, the new payment solution, integrated in the app itself, which is already being implemented by tens of thousands of restaurants ", comments Sérgio Sequeira, CEO of TheFork in Iberia & Latam.

More tourism and key visibility for TheFork restaurants

In this way, TheFork has established itself as a global and international brand of reference in the restaurant industry. A sector widely hit by the pandemic, especially since tourism has been reduced to the background during the last year. Even so, as vaccination progresses in each of the countries where it operates, as well the idea of ​​a partial reopening of tourism flourishes, a great boost for most restaurants throughout Spain and especially for those that are part of TheFork, that have a powerful visibility among international diners, more than 28 millions of apps downloaded worldwide.

"This change is a sign of the strength and relevance of our app at an international level, especially by uniting through the same name and identity, maintaining the same essence with which we created this project in 2007 ", states Diana Chichurri, Brand Manager of TheFork in Spain. "Further, We carry it out at a time when international tourism is reopening in which we hope that users who already trust our booking app in their place of origin, do it also in the destination of your next vacation ".

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