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“ElTenedor is the great commercial and digital ally restaurants”, interview with Marcos Alves


Today we share with our readers the interview he has given us Marcos Alves, CEO de ElTenedor.es, within the framework of the celebration of the Fair ExpoHip 2018 and the The Best Digital Restaurants, the awards to the best restaurants and chefs digital Spain # TheBestDR18 They held in Madrid.

Let's talk about and future digital transformation restaurants one of the most important players in the sector. And it ElTenedor has become a main tool of connection between customers and restaurants.

Interview with Marcos Alves, CEO de ElTenedor.es

1.- What stage do you think is the sector of restaurants in Spain in the process of digital transformation?

New technologies and the Internet reached the sector makes more than 10 years and, the truth, is that restaurants, especially early, They were very reluctant to change. Its traditional mentality and way of doing things, They suffered a major revolution with the advent of the Internet and services such as ElTenedor and ElTenedor Manager software. Gradually they saw how are you new technologies facilitated their day to day and helped them reach their customers who were no longer in the usual channels. Step by step have been changed that traditional mentality.

Nevertheless, 10 years later, the sector is still starting to digitalized. Say that restaurants have been being digitized from the outside in, that is to say, most have a web, social networks, etc. But not many have digitized their management, day to day living, his book reservations or supplier management. That's where the challenge lies restoration today, in an internal digitization.

2.- According to our director Diego Coquillat, future industry-leading technology companies will be selling hospitality. What is the role of technology companies in the future as ElTenedor?

Companies like ElTenedor have had and have a key role in the digitization of the sector. Does 10 years, when the Internet had revolutionized sectors such as flights or hotels, we set out to revolutionize the catering sector with web booking and management software for restaurants "ElTenedor Manager". During these years we have not only taken technology to the restaurants and we have given visibility on the Internet, if they have not joined in this digitization, advising and helping them to adapt to a new stage. Today ElTenedor Manager It is the leading management tool on the market reserves, to the extent that schools catering form on their use and new generations of hoteliers include it on your CV as a key knowledge.

Our role today and tomorrow will remain the same, We are the great commercial and digital ally restaurants. We will continue working to digitize their daily, help them adapt to market changes and optimize the management of your business. The sector is in constant technological evolution and we must promote this development as player market leader.

3.- The digital tip is the realization by the client online reputation How do you think they are managing these tips Spanish restaurants?

The online reputation management, that is to say, know how to manage what is said about your business online is one of the main challenges currently they have restaurants. For some years we are witnessing a new phenomenon: social prescription. If previously only had significance the views of the great critics, Now we can all say, the opinions are democratized and restaurants must learn to manage. Far from being something negative, we prefer to see it as an opportunity to improve or to recover that dissatisfied customer with a good customer.

In a way, those opinions that leave customers, When positive can be considered, the impact, as digital tips, as a reward to the good work of an entire team. From there, many restaurants opt for variable remuneration as employees as improve its reputation online. From my point of view is a good way to motivate the team, because we must not forget that online reputation begins in the service itself you give your establishment, how you care for your customers.

4.- ElTenedor is the digital platform that most diners conquest in Spain, Give me the three main keys to increase your restaurant reservations or diners thanks to you.

We are now a real showcase of visibility on the Internet for restaurants. We are the web and app leading online restaurant reservations in Europe, more than 45.000 member establishments and more than 16M monthly visits.

The consumer today is a mobile consumer, so that thanks to ElTenedor restaurants have the opportunity to be present at a leading over app 10 million downloads.

By last,ElTenedor Manager with them offer cutting-edge technology on the market, Useful, Simple and effective enabling them to centralize their reserve, efficiently manage your business, attract new customers and retain those who already have.

5.- We have read that ElTenedor, the new challenge is to "create a living restaurant guide" Can you develop this concept?

In May 2017 We launched a new project, ElTenedor Insider, a new section within the web and app with the best restaurants of the moment. restaurants, to have good opinions, be recommended local guides, They have been awarded or to be fashionable, They are considered the best of the moment, what you can not miss.

For us INSIDER is what we call a living guide, because unlike the paper guides, It is constantly evolving and changing as the market trends. At the end, users who decide, so that a restaurant can be INSIDER today and leave tomorrow if it has lowered its rating or because no longer trend.

Definitely, ElTenedor is always alive, adding new restaurants, new selections, etc. Being online allows you to adapt to the market constantly and precisely this market adaptation, bound to always listen to our customers, It has always been one of the keys to our success.

6.- ElTenedor is supporting the awards The Best Digital Restaurants 2018 – #TheBestDR18, the first prizes in the world that aim to recognize the efforts and work in the digital management of the best restaurants and chefs. How do you assess the emergence in the current scenario of some awards like these?

The market needed a few awards premiasen and impulsasen so important in the sector such as the digitalisation. For us, as player main market online bookings, It is proud to put our grain of sand and support this project.

The Best Digital Restaurants 2018 You will lay the foundation for a much more digital future where restaurants look, pampered and work harder this part of their daily lives. further, you know that the prizes created a lot of competition in all sectors and this will give restaurants an extra incentive to become increasingly digital and, who knows, maybe be awarded in the next edition.

7.- How Marcos Alves person? We want to know a little, which are, Besides ElTenedor, the goals, dreams and hobbies of one of the most influential CEOs in the sector.

Marcos Alves is primarily an entrepreneur who has had the great fortune to make one of his dreams into reality. Years ago I started ElTenedor lead and put up thanks to the efforts of the entire team, Today we have become gastronomic reference guide in Spain and in Europe.

I am a curious person, active, he never tires of learning. I love to share experiences, observe, to debate. I'm a maverick, I always believe that we can all overcome and possibly that's what made me grow and evolve. I always try to convey to my team in a positive spirit and passion for the brand. I am a fighter who is always thinking forward, New challenges, to take one more step ... it is, from my point of view, the only way to grow

I still have a lot to achieve and live. I would love to, for example, that ElTenedor might become a gastronomic reference worldwide. Get when someone should think of chefs, on information from the world of gastronomy, in recommendations or book restaurants, always should think of ElTenedor.

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