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ElTenedor launches "Save Our Restaurants", an initiative to help the sector overcome the impact from the COVID19

  • Thanks to this action, diners can help restaurants by purchasing a "prepaid voucher" will enjoy once again be operational, allowing restaurants to receive income during the temporary closure.

After the decree of a state of alarm and the temporary closure of more than 300.000 restaurants and bars in our country, from ElTenedor, leading online reservation platform restaurants in Europe, He has been working to continue to support the sector in these difficult times. In order to help restaurants to overcome the impact that COVID19 is having on business, ElTenedor He has launched "Save Our Restaurants", an initiative that will allow restaurants to offer "prepaid vouchers" to stay afloat and have income for the duration of the closure of their establishments. The project has the support of key players in the industry as MICHELIN, FACYRE, Revolution in Room, Hospitality Madrid, Eurotoques, Restaurant Association, Cluster Foodservice and other industry organizations such as Madrid Fusion, San Sebastián Eating Gastronomika or La Vanguardia, as well as other companies that have wanted to add to the project as Mindshare, Brandelicious ...

From the web SalvemosNuestrosRestaurantes.es, and soon through ElTenedor, users can help their favorite restaurants by purchasing a prepaid voucher for, when all this happens and the restaurant reopens its doors, They can enjoy their cuisine with lunch or dinner.

A global initiative for the catering industry

this action, gastronomy supported by associations and key institutions of the sector, this addressed to all the restaurants in our country, and whether or not associated with ElTenedor. This is a purely altruistic action ElTenedor not receive any financial remuneration for it, the only goal is to support, once again, one of the basic pillars of industry: the restaurants.

Our restaurants are in a critical situation, as they have seen their incomes have been reduced to 0 drastically, and very few now have the same resources to stay in this situation. our mission is now supporting the sector and are convinced that together we will overcome this bump. That's why we launched, with other major industry players, "Let's save our restaurants". We are confident that buying "prepaid bonds" can be a great help for restaurants to stay afloat and to continue offering the best food once it's all over”, Explain Marcos Alves, CEO of ElTenedor in Spain.

This initiative has been welcomed by restaurants, associations and chefs, who they see it as a good help to have income these days and over the hump, so says Pepa Muñoz, cook to the front of El Cuenco de Pepa and president of Federation of Chefs and Confectioners of Spain Facyre: "The situation we are living in very difficult for everyone, both personally and professionally. Right now our priority is to help slow the virus and contribute to soon return to our usual activity. The catering industry is one of the hardest hit by the impact of this health crisis and more than ever we must be united and work towards overcoming this blip. Initiatives such as Madrid Fusion ElTenedor and "Save our restaurants" that gives us the ability to offer prepaid bonds and encourages users to lend a hand in these hard times, thank very much and are key to helping the industry to stay afloat. We join this initiative, and our customers can buy a voucher to enjoy our food when this happens "

How does the prepaid voucher works?

Users can select by clicking your favorite restaurants directly SalvemosNuestrosRestaurantes.es. Once selected a restaurant, They can choose the amount of the bonus and proceed to payment. The restaurant directly receive the deposit in your account and the user will receive your voucher by email. Time, It is communicated to the diner the opening date of the restaurant to enjoy your meal.

Other measures to help ElTenedor restaurants

In addition to this initiative from the beginning of health alert, ElTenedor has also implemented other measures to reduce the impact derived from COVID19 in restaurants. First, the company has offered its reserve management software, ElTenedor Manager, free of charge until the reopening of the restaurants, and to help reduce the costs that the sector has to face. On the other hand, for a week restaurants that are part of the platform and have a service delivery, They can now give visibility to this service on the web and app completely free ElTenedor.

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