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ElTenedor launches TheFork PAY: a new simple payment method, safe and effective

  • Through this new functionality, users will be able to pay directly from the ElTenedor app, quickly and without the need for contact, having greater control of your transactions.
  • TheFork PAY is now available in about 2.000 restaurants throughout Spain, among them are 100 featured in the MICHELIN Guide and large groups on the national scene such as SAGARDI.
  • COVID-19 has boosted “contactless” digital payment. According to a study by TheFork, he 66% of diners indicate that they prefer to pay the bill from their mobile phone and 74% confirm that you make at least three online payments per week, a figure that increases in an age range between 25 Y 45 years.

Life, after almost a year of pandemic, has changed remarkably in all areas, from the way we have fun with friends or family, to the way we consume in all kinds of establishments. A social distancing that has caused mobile digital services to be booming and the mobile market to potentially grow. According to Bank of Spain1, Consumers have minimized cash withdrawals from bank branches and, currently, they only exist in Spain 48.000 ATMs, the same ones installed there by 2002.

Some figures that show a change of habit on the part of consumers, that are reflected in the latest data provided by American Express2 about payments via mobile. About a third (32%) of their cardholders already make payments with their mobile phone on a monthly basis and in any type of establishment and more than a half (52%) they have their American Express card integrated into their phone.

A new functionality for a new reality

ElTenedor (group TheFork), in its commitment to a complete and effective digitization of the hospitality industry, also adapts to this new reality by announcing the launch of TheFork PAY. A new solution that allows you to pay the bill of the restaurants attached to the platform directly from the app itself, thus promoting “contactless” digital payment and better control of transactions

In a recent survey conducted in the 22 the markets where ElTenedor operates to analyze the behavior of its users, it was detected that the 66% of Spanish diners prefer to pay from their mobile and that the 74% of them make a minimum of three online payments a week, a figure that increased in people between 25 Y 45 years. As part of the same survey, This age range was asked about their intention to use TheFork PAY and a 67% confesses that he will use it regularly.

But how does TheFork PAY really work?

Security, speed and simplicity is what the new form of payment TheFork PAY offers. In fact, it is extremely easy to use. Half an hour after the reservation time, when you are in the restaurant and as long as it has this payment method activated, you receive a notification on your phone reminding you that you can pay with TheFork PAY. You can also access the payment by clicking on the banner displayed in the app where you can see the "Pay" button. Once the user accesses, you can enter the account amount and card number. If the card has already been saved, you just have to select it. After clicking on the button «Pay», It can choose to tip the restaurant and finish the operation. Of course, a payment confirmation is received via email and in the section dedicated to TheFork PAY in the user profile. On the other hand, when paying, the users can decide whether to add a suggestion to help improve and perfect restaurant service. And all without unnecessary waiting to have to pay the bill.

You can find the restaurants that have this payment method activated in a prominent section on the web and app, and they can also be detected by putting TheFork PAY in the search engine.

further, being “digital” pays off. For each payment with TheFork PAY the diner gets Yums (loyalty points) extra that you can exchange for discounts on future bookings. Definitely, an incentive for both diners and restaurants, that increase the attractiveness of reserving a table at your establishment.

What advantages does it have for restaurants?

Until now, near 2000 Restaurants throughout Spain have already activated digital payment with TheFork PAY, of which almost 100 of them have some distinction in the MICHELIN Guide, large groups and independent restaurants. One of the first groups to activate this new functionality was the Sagardi Group: “The decision to implement The Fork PAY payment system is the result of our interest in constantly improving the customer experience and facilitating the payment process is part of it.. At Grupo Sagardi we are committed to simplifying and streamlining the processes that help to focus the client on what is important, enjoy a good table ", comments Juan Carlos Arriaga placeholder image, Marketing and Communication Director of the Sagardi Group.

Among the advantages of this new functionality for restaurants highlights the agility in service. By simplifying the payment process for customers, allows hoteliers to rotate tables even faster and increase their daily clientele. Without forgetting that, through digital payments, users are more likely to tip, since it is requested directly from the app. In the first tests carried out by TheFork in Milan and Rome (2020) it was found that he 20% of payments made with TheFork PAY included tip.

further, no need to purchase additional devices o POS terminals to manage payments, the transaction is managed directly from the ElTenedor Manager reservation software.

"COVID-19 has accelerated the digitization of the sector and all the processes carried out in it: Reservations, Room Management, suppliers and, Of course, digitization of payment methods. At ElTenedor we continue to promote the digitization of the hospitality industry and innovate to make it easier for restaurants to do their daily work and also help them ensure the safety of their guests by reducing contact as much as possible., also when paying. Definitely, TheFork PAY was born to guarantee a completely secure and efficient transaction, both for diners and restaurateurs ", states Abraham Martin, Marketing Director of ElTenedor Spain.

Some of the restaurants that have already included TheFork PAY as a payment method:

1.Report prepared by the Bank of Spain for the last quarter of 2020 – Payment Systems Department and Payment Surveillance and Supervision Division

2.Data offered by American Express about mobile payments..

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