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TheFork launches a new free Takeaway tool to help restaurants earn additional income


The activity is gradually returning to the sector, restaurants roll up their blinds and diners fill their tables again. Now is the time to support establishments more than ever and from ElTenedor they have launched different initiatives to help restaurants return to normal as soon as possible. Although online restaurant reservations have grown a 74% during the last weeks of de-escalation, diners are also increasingly interested in alternative services such as takeaways (takeaway). In fact, according to the latest study on "Post-COVID consumption habits" carried out by the reservation app, he 60% of users says it will be out of restaurants in the next month, but also a 30% points out that it will also increase consumption of takeaways.

A new avenue of additional income

Given the growing interest by users and establishments for food delivery, The Fork has made available to its customers, completely free of charge, the EasyPreOrders tool that will allow them to easily manage their takeout orders, have a new way of income and make your kitchen profitable while consumption is reactivated and normalized. Thanks to this new tool, the restaurants associated with The Fork will have a free service to adapt to new consumption habits; an easy to use and manage technology that allows tracking of orders, instant payment and a web application 100 % intuitive; a useful alternative, both for users and for restaurants, adapted to the needs of the new context Y, Of course, a lever for establishments to increase their income, visible on your website, social networks and on Tripadvisor and Google.

Technology to adapt and online reservations to reactivate demand

After the success of Save Our Restaurants, the altruistic initiative that allowed restaurants to offer prepaid vouchers and which has managed to raise 420.000 euros for the almost 2.000 participating restaurants, TheFork continues to support the sector during the reopening. And it also does so by putting new technologies and digitization at the service of the industry with the launch of a new version of its reservation software., The Fork Manager Pro. This new version includes tools that will allow restaurants to organize their room plan effectively to keep the safety distance; manage your capacity according to the established reductions; maximize the occupation of the premises or even have a "virtual row" to avoid crowds at the door. further, for those restaurants that are not yet part of the platform and that need to be digitized or have the most basic version, you can enjoy this free software (in its Pro version) until December.

In the same line, the growth of online bookings shows that the users, now more than ever, they reserve so as not to run out of tables and for this they use digital channels. Online reservations are positioned as the solution to the fall in traditional demand, so from TheFork continues to work also in boost online reservations through all its channels and large partners such as Google, Facebook, Instagram o Apple what, definitely, They will help fill the tables of the restaurants and that the sector will recover soon.

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