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ElTenedor launches "Let's go back to restaurants", the global initiative to boost and accelerate the recovery of the hospitality industry

  • Of the 17 from September to 17 of November, more of 1.600 Restaurants in Spain, Y 10.000 Worldwide, join this global initiative that will boost consumption and reactivate demand in the sector.
  • During two months, diners will enjoy discounts from 50% in a wide variety of restaurants throughout Spain, always booking through the ElTenedor app.
  • “Volvamos a los Restaurantes” is backed by American Express, that as a sign of their commitment to supporting the local business, wanted to join this initiative to help the catering industry.
  • further, on the other hand, thanks to the support of the MICHELIN Guide you will be able to enjoy unique experiences "MICHELIN Specials", exclusive menus, in restaurants such as Cocina Hermanos Torres; El Portal de Echaurren by Francis Paniego or Eme Be Garrote by Martín Berasategui, among others.

"Let's go back to restaurants" is the biggest gastronomic initiative of the year. A movement, without precedents, impulsed by ElTenedor the app leading online restaurant reservations, which also has the backing of American Express, and what will take place of the 17 from September to 17 of November in 18 countries. The initiative, that will mobilize millions of diners around the world, will have the participation of more than 10.000 restaurants (more of 1.600 in Spain) that for two months will offer discounts from 50%. Definitely, an opportunity to enjoy gastronomy again, always with responsibility, and what has a clear goal: revive consumption and accelerate the recovery of the industry, badly hit after the COVID-19 health crisis.

An opportunity for restaurants to accelerate their recovery

The restaurant industry faces difficult times. After a difficult summer season, establishments face the "September slope" between fear of new sprouts and the need to refill their tables. Faced with a less than encouraging economic outlook, with a notable drop in the purchasing power of consumers, an increase in unemployment and a foreseeable contraction of the economy (according to the IMF of 12,8%), the sector needs, more than ever, effective solutions to reactivate demand. Responding to the needs of the sector, and in collaboration with the establishments and the impulse of American Express, ElTenedor launches “Let's go back to restaurants ”to unite, again, to restaurants and diners and face the drop in demand in the hospitality industry. This initiative will allow participating restaurants to increase their reservations and multiply their visibility thanks to the special offers and the large advertising investment that will be made from ElTenedor.

In the current situation, contraction of demand and reduction in the purchasing power of diners, Offering incentives and discounts have become the best tool for increase the visibility of restaurants and refill their tables. A solution to adapt to the new market context that other businesses are already launching, museums, etc. and even governments, like UK, who have chosen to stimulate demand to strengthen their hospitality subsidized a 50% of consumption in restaurants during August. In fact, It is proven that restaurants with promotions multiply by 6,5 its traffic and by 11 the reservations they receive, also during the week, e, even, increase by 60% reservations made without this discount.

Reactivation of demand and promotion of consumption in restaurants

"Back to restaurants" is also a way to bring gastronomy closer and make it accessible to all, allowing diners, who have seen their budget reduced in recent months, enjoy your favorite places again, meet new ones or leave restaurants more often. During two months, the initiative will encourage diners to enjoy the more than 1.600 restaurants with discounts from 50% who have joined. Of course, always from the responsibility and respecting the established measures. Trendy restaurants in Madrid like Arrayán, the original Yakiniku Rikyu, Quimbaya by Edwin Rodríguez or the oldest in the world, Booty; Broken hand O Indochine Ly Leap in Barcelona; but In Malaga; Casa Manolo León in Seville or Bigoli in Alicante, are some of the establishments that have joined this movement to reactivate one of the engines of our economy.

"We carry 15 years supporting the restaurant industry and we know that now you need more help than ever. Our experience has shown us that reactivating demand in difficult times is key to the recovery of the industry and we want to make all possible tools available to restaurants so that they can fill their tables again. After the success of "Let's save our restaurants", that managed to raise more than 420.000 euros for restaurants during confinement, We continue to support the sector with "Let's go back to restaurants", a global initiative in which we will invest to multiply the visibility of restaurants in different countries and help them accelerate their recovery ", Marcos Alves points out, CEO of ElTenedor

From American Express we are delighted to join this initiative of ElTenedor. Gastronomy is one of the most relevant categories or industries for American Express Card holders, and a sector in which we have historically offered very interesting value and benefits. As a company we are committed to supporting economic activity in Spain, especially right now. A clear example is the Shop Small campaign that we launched in July to support local businesses and boost their sales with all the resources we have., since many of them have received a direct hit by COVID-19. This collaboration with ElTenedor allows us to show our support to the restaurant industry, and at the same time it is a great example of how we offer experiences to our Holders in excellent restaurants that are prepared to receive them with the necessary security conditions,”Says Juan Orti, President and CEO of American Express in Spain.

“MICHELIN Specials” experiences in MICHELIN Guide restaurants

further, on the other hand, the experience continues in some of the most awarded restaurants in our gastronomy. "Let's go back to restaurants" also has the support of the MICHELIN guide and many of the Restaurants selected in the renowned Guide have joined the initiative offering unique experiences "MICHELIN Specials". In this way, until the 17 November diners can also enjoy Exclusive menus and other delicious dining experiences (tastings, visits to wineries ...), that will bring you closer to the universe of great chefs, in restaurants of the stature of Kitchen Hermanos Torres; Portal Echaurren by Francis Paniego; Eme Be Garrote by Martín Berasategui; Susi Díaz's Farm; Les Cols de Fina Puigdevall; Salita de Begoña Rodrigo; Carlos Maldonado roots; heaven O Marc Fosh, among others.

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