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“ElTenedor Manager is the world leader in management software restaurant reservations”. Darío Fernández Méndez interview


ElTenedor Manager It has revolutionized the traditional way of how a restaurant should organize your service, attract and retain customers. This management software helps optimize the occupancy rate Y, therefore revenue, among other benefits for food and beverage outlets.

Darío Fernández Méndez, Area Manager BtoB of Spain in ElTenedor, as a key success that the company "has achieved digitize restaurants and has helped them centralize all their online / offline channels in a single tool”.

Dario Mendez explained how ElTenedor has become a ally restaurants when improving their management, while he is participating in the #TeatroDigital who coordinated @diegocoquillat for #expohip2018.

ElTenedor, a company TripAdvisor since 2014, has more than 50 thousand restaurants 11 countries (in Spain, more of 8 one thousand), more than 11 million registered opinions, more of 18 million monthly visits, more of 12 million apps downloaded, Travel and largest in the world. TripAdvisor attends 49 global markets and records 455M unique users per month, 630M Reviews, and 7.5M accommodation, restaurants and attractions.

Dario Mendez It has been one of the driving forces ElTenedor in Spain. Since ten years ago, its mission has been to help restaurants scanning process, also disclose to them the Internet's potential to get more customers. Strongly believes in the importance of knowing and keep the client to greater loyalty. He has served as an advisor, manager and trainer in restaurants, In addition to working closely with the sector.

QUESTION: Can you summarize three key success ElTenedor?

ANSWER: The first aspect of the success of ElTenedor is that we managed to digitize restaurants working with us, We have helped increase reserves and centralize all their online / offline channels in a single tool. Secondly, we have become the world's leading reservation but because we are the Reference Guide when looking for a restaurant and book. And finally, I can also note that the industry listen to what they are asking us.

P: What are the basic principles to increase reserves at a restaurant with the aim of sell more and better?

R: To get it, must take into account three premises:

  • Attract more customers using tools at your disposal.
  • Organize better service (optimize the room is essential).
  • Fidelizar to the client (cost 10 times a loyal customer than a new one).

P: And ElTenedor Manager as the management software manages these functions?

R: ElTenedor Manager is a restaurant management software that optimizes the occupancy rate and turnover tables. Is ideal for managing stocks very easily and in real time. This management software has been developed hand in hand with our participating restaurants and continues to evolve each day to suit the needs of each business.

We have always worked with participating restaurants in ElTenedor, together developing tools and services that respond to the real needs of restaurant management and craft of restorer, either for business or haute cuisine restaurant chain.

We offer ideal solutions for each establishment: Platform to increase reserves, management software and customer loyalty, and various marketing functions. The best thing is that all these tools can be customized according to the specific needs of the restaurant.

P: What are the advantages of making online reservations about the traditional way of paper reservation book?

R: If your customer is online, You have to be online. He 40% reserves is now done via online through websites and portals reference, social networks, or through the website of the restaurant.

There is a new relationship between customers and restaurants. Surveys indicate that more than one 75% of respondents say that before booking a restaurant always read hotel reviews and the 60% of customers leave a review, which it is an essential value restaurants because comments from other customers are the second most influential factor when booking.

Traditionally, the service is organized with the paper reservation book, with the expertise of maitre or head room, making double shifts or waiting lists. To attract customers hand begins to traditional advertising and loyalty trust the word of mouth, for example.

The big problem is trying to sell more than the traditional way does not allow you to measure your return on investment and not know where your customer and the restaurant has to be and know.

To sell now there are new channels. ElTenedor is where the customer is restaurant. And if the user is mobile restaurant, because the restaurant has to be mobile. more than 70% reserves are already done via mobile in ElTenedor.

P.- What allows you to book reservations ElTenedor Manager?

R.- With the reservation book ElTenedor Manager, Restaurants can consult at any time customer information (visits, pleasures, preferences…); the plan allows them to optimize room occupancy and restaurant tables provide rotation. it online, available on any device, anywhere and all information is accessible 24 hours in real time. To build customer loyalty, BDD enables customers and via email MKT tool allows communication with customers, as well as through customized quality surveys.

The booking engine transforms ElTenedor visits to the website of the restaurants in reserves. It is a pioneering tool from 2007, accessible 24 hours in real time, immediate confirmation.

P.- So, Does that reservations be made in one place?

R.- All reserves will be assembled in the ElTenedor Manager. With this software you can make managing bookings received by phone, email, booking engine clients and even step. No longer you have to decipher the lyrics of employees, or reservations noted in a piece of paper will be lost. saves time and notifications are received every time you reach a new reservation.

P.- ¿Time is gained when organizing services?

R.- Yes, because through ElTenedor Manager you can make a real-time tracking of customers arriving late, register those who have already arrived and those who are about to leave. very useful functions in restaurant management.

This software also helps management better organize employee tasks and effectively deliver service tables between servers. Y, and if that was not enough, with ElTenedor Manager can record all customer information to know your preferences even before they reach the restaurant and offer a personalized service: ¿High chair, dietary restriction, favorite brand of wine ...?

P.- How to increase the occupancy rate and billing?

R.- As we all know, an empty table in a service is synonymous with loss of turnover. The restaurant management software ElTenedor Manager helps optimize the occupancy rate and, so, income, because if the tables are full like all services, You can control the booking engine and reservations desk pause for the time needed.

Likewise, if the week is very quiet and the restaurant would like more customers with this software can run higher availability to book via Internet. Y, if all clients are at the same time and it needs to attract more customers in the first service, It can launch a special offer which is available only in that time slot.

further, a premium version of this management software allows restaurants to put to march one Yield Management strategy, and optimize the occupancy rate.

Through the method of Yield Management help restaurants to be full most of the time, making a strategic game between the availability of tables and selling prices. The ultimate goal is to optimize the profit margin continuously.

Q.-What are the yums and how they are used to build customer loyalty?

R.-Los yums They are a loyalty program. ElTenedor appetite and reward our customers' trust with yums, which are the loyalty points when booking ElTenedor, and become discounts that can be used in restaurants that are part of the program. they earn 150 yums if you booked through the app, 50 if you have done through the web or mobile web, Y 500 for every person you invite to book for the first time.

By accumulating 1000 yums you can choose a restaurant that accepts, It is reserved and click on "I want to use my yums”, and the restaurant deducted 10 Euro account. Maximum can be spent 2.000 yums Booking with discount 25 euros in the final bill. and sincel January 1st of 2018, the yums They are valid for one year.

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