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ElTenedor improves the functionality of your app to refine searches for restaurants


Find where to eat your favorite dish is easier than ever with the app ElTenedor, which has incorporated new features that allow plan searches, by company, per dish or Cuisine, among others.

He ElTenedor goal is to keep connected Customers with restaurants, as evidenced by the latest study where 80% of the participants He says it will connected during the holidays.

With summer in full swing, we are prepared to make the most out. Make that trip that we've been waiting so long, enjoy the best restaurants in the city or vacation destination or just take the opportunity to relax are some of the most repeated plans for these dates. yes, I do not have to disconnect so clear.

According to a study ElTenedor, a 80% He says summer is still connected. further, respondents indicate that in your suitcase will not fail or mobile or tablet.

Favorite Applications for holidays

This study also reveals that Maps apps, meteorology, restaurants and social networking are preferred users for holidays. In fact, apps restaurant reservations are positioned as the most used for more than 60% of the participants.

These apps are ideal for summer, as it is a perfect time for eating out, but not always seek the same type of kitchen or go with the same company.

For this reason, ElTenedor It has recently added new features, as the search for dishes, that make life easier for the user, especially when you are traveling and want to discover new restaurants, taste typical local dishes or find that perfect restaurant to enjoy a couple, family or friends.

The tastiest summer with ElTenedor

The app ElTenedor, which already has 12 million downloads and through which they are already 70% reserves the platform, is the easiest way to find the perfect venue for every occasion, consulting real-time availability and booking few seconds.

further, allows us discover the cuisine of any city consulting a detailed record of each restaurant with photos, suggestions of dishes and reviews from other customers who have already tried.

very practical options that also add geolocation, to find the nearest restaurants wherever we are, special promotions and Book in a few clicks. further, this year The app incorporates new filters that let you search by dish, company, Cuisine ...

Something that, definitely, will allow us to find restaurants that best suit our preferences or needs, depending on the time.

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