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ElTenedor joins the Club HOSTELERÍA DE ESPAÑA to further promote the digitization of restaurants throughout Spain

  • COVID-19 has caused millions in losses in the sector, accelerating the need for deep digitization of restaurants, as a key element for the reactivation and survival of many businesses.
  • With this agreement, Both entities reiterate their support for the hospitality industry, facilitating the digitization of establishments in all corners of Spain., with the aim of invigorating and promoting the recovery of the industry.
  • Together they will promote digitization, information campaigns, formations, advice and free access to reservation management software for ElTenedor during 6 months for all restaurants that want to go digital.

The Spanish hospitality industry faces one of its toughest periods as a result of the impact of COVID-19. According to Hospitality Spain, since the beginning of the crisis, sales have fallen above the 50%, which means a loss of turnover for the sector around the 70.000 millions of euros. As a consequence of this situation, it is estimated that 85.000 establishments have closed permanently and have been lost 1,1 million jobs, between direct and indirect.

He 58% of hoteliers consider it key to digitize their business management

Alarming figures that have forced many establishments to rethink their businesses and rely on new technologies to get ahead. According to a study by ElTenedor, the world's leading restaurant reservation app, he 88% of restaurants claim to have had to reorient their business offering new services and relying on digital tools to make your restaurants profitable and easily apply restrictions.

Digitization has precisely become one of the hoteliers' great allies, who have seen in it a good way to adapt to the new consumption habits of diners who are now more digital than ever, What do they seek, reserve and consult the security measures applied through the network. In fact, the latest trend report 2021 of ElTenedor confirms that a 58% of hoteliers places online reservations and digital business management as one of the keys to running their restaurants for this new year. Although many had already digitized their operations, restaurants have resorted more, in recent months, to digital tools to optimize your management, adapt your occupation to the restrictions, increase your visibility on the Internet or implement menus and digital payments to reinforce the security of your customers and employees.

Facilitate and accelerate the digitization of restaurants across the country

In this context, Hospitality Spain once again reiterates its support for the sector, betting on innovation and leaning, among other, in solutions like ElTenedor, one of the main digital allies in the industry, to help restaurants across Spain to digitize. With this agreement, both entities will promote digitization among hoteliers throughout the country through information campaigns, formations, advice and facilitating free access to ElTenedor's reservation management software during 6 months.

further, thanks to this agreement, HE pledge to work together to energize and accelerate the recovery of the industry, heavily punished by restrictions, boosting consumption and helping restaurateurs optimize their businesses, adapting to restrictions.

For the President of Hospitality of Spain, José Luis Yzuel:”The hospitality industry is a sector that has always been characterized by its enormous capacity for adaptation. At present, each and every one of the catering establishments is showing their great resilience, not only because of the continuous regulatory changes, but by adapting to new times and consumer needs. Technology is undoubtedly an ally in the improvement of production and marketing processes and at this time it is essential. Many locals have made a great effort to join this digitization, but all possible support is still necessary. In this sense, this agreement with ElTenedor is key ".

Marcos Alves, CEO of ElTenedor, considers this agreement key for the development of the industry in our country. “We are very proud to be able to collaborate with Hostelería España in this project as the main digital ally of restaurants. COVID-19 has hit the sector hard, but it has also highlighted the need to reinvent itself and look for new tools that help to adapt to the new context and new consumer habits, increasingly digital. If digitization was already important before the pandemic, now it is key to the reactivation of the hospitality industry. From ElTenedor we will continue working, as we have done for the last 15 years, to offer the best technology, boost consumption by connecting restaurants and diners, and facilitate digitization in all corners of Spain. Together we will accelerate the recovery of the industry "

Unconditional support for the sector in the worst year in its history

Hospitality of Spain represents the whole of the hospitality industry, work that in this harsh crisis has taken on a special relevance in the leadership of sector defense, providing all kinds of support to the sector. The proposal of measures that avoid the ruin of the sector, what happens among many others, for the application of direct aid and the reactivation of consumption, as well as avoiding excessive criminalization of the sector are at the forefront of the claims. All of this adds to the work that the organization has been developing over time., that goes through the development of studies and analysis on the market; establish synergies with associations and institutions.

Meanwhile, ElTenedor has become the industry's main digital ally, investing in helping the sector since the beginning of COVID-19, in the 22 countries in which it operates. Among the initiatives that it has launched in the last year, “Let's Save Our Restaurants” stands out., that generated almost half a million euros in prepaid bonds sold helping establishments to generate liquidity during the total closure, or "Let's go back to the restaurants", that mobilized more than 20 millions of diners worldwide. further, During the last months, the reservations app has continued to support the sector by giving visibility to the delivery of its associated restaurants during restrictions and providing them with tools to implement this type of service; Y, Of course, innovating with new solutions that facilitate the day-to-day of hoteliers such as digital payment directly from the app thanks to TheFork Pay or with a new version of its software "ElTenedor Manager", to easily adapt to security measures.

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