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ElTenedor continues to support Catalan hospitality during the new restrictions

  • Catalonia faces a series of new restrictions that entail the closure of bars and restaurants during the next fifteen days to contain the spread of COVID19.
  • To continue supporting the sector these days, the company will offer its reservation management software, ElTenedor Manager, totally free to its associated restaurants, in order to help reduce the costs that establishments have to face.
  • further, Those restaurants that are part of the platform will have a free tool to manage their "Takeaway" orders and those that have "delivery" will be able to give visibility to this service on the ElTenedor website and app.

Europe is going through the second wave of COVID19 and, with that, the main cities of the continent have begun to take urgent measures to get back to braking the curve as soon as possible. This new regrowth comes at a time when the Catalan hospitality was already in the recovery phase, by registering a growth of 31,2% of reservations "online" during the last month.

A few days ago the Government of Catalonia decreed the closure of restaurants in the region during the next 15 days as a measure to contain the spread of COVID19. For this reason, ElTenedor, leading app for online restaurant reservations, has launched a series of initiatives that aim to show your commitment and support to the situation that the sector is experiencing in Catalonia.

Free management software for partner restaurants

First, ElTenedor Manager, reservation management tool offered by the company, It will have no cost to its associated restaurants during these 15 days. In this way, restaurants will reduce costs and can continue to count on this management software so that they, when the time comes and when the restaurants can reopen, can optimize your room, monetize and effectively manage your business, without this implying an additional expense in your recovery.

Visibility to “delivery” and new free “Takeaway” tool

parallel, with the aim of helping restaurants that, right now, they are offering "delivery" (home service) to be even more accessible to your customers, From ElTenedor the app and the website have been made available to these restaurants. In such a way, what The restaurant that is part of the platform and so wishes will be able to give visibility to its food delivery service through ElTenedor, completely free of charge. For the next few days, Users will find in the file of these restaurants a button that will allow them to contact directly to place their order at home and manage it with the restaurant.

further, the company makes available to associated restaurants, as well completely free of charge, the EasyPreOrders tool that will allow them to easily manage their takeout orders (Takeaway), thus counting on a new source of income and the possibility of making your kitchen profitable during these days.

A whole team supporting the sector

He ElTenedor team continues to operate and available through its customer service, so that users and restaurant can consult their doubts at all times. Likewise, restaurants count, as usual, with a specialized advisor that will help them in what they may need.

"We are aware that the hospitality industry in our country has had a very hard year. For this reason, and since the beginning of this crisis, ElTenedor has supported the industry through a series of measures and initiatives to alleviate the effects of the pandemic on its businesses, as well as to promote responsibility and safety in each establishment. Catalonia is one of the gastronomic cradles of Europe and we will not stop being a firm ally to guarantee the stability of the sector in the city, both during closing and reopening, we will help them refill their tables and reactivate demand. ", comments Abraham Martin, Marketing Director of ElTenedor

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