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Digital reputation has become an element of the daily management of the restaurant and with significant importance. The difference between having a good reputation and a bad directly affects business profitability. With this premise as a starting point, GastroRanking takes over 5 years helping restaurants manage their reputation online. GastroRanking is a platform for monitoring and analyzing opinions that tracks more than 30 Web directories and social networks. With this platform, a restaurant can know immediately how it evolves its reputation to take the necessary measures if it detects a problem. And respond to customers when deemed necessary.


ElTenedor platform is the market leading stocks that are scanning the catering sector in Europe. Created in 2007 by professionals in the world of technology and restoration, currently it has more than 50.000 partner restaurants, already it operates in 11 countries and has more than 18 million monthly visits. ElTenedor is the major trading partner restaurants, helping them grow their business and giving them visibility on the Internet and through ElTenedor TripAdvisor. Thanks to its reserve management software (ElTenedor Manager), created with and for restaurants and that it replaces the traditional paper reservation book, restaurants increase their reserves, optimize the management of your business, capture customers and client loyalty. Since 10 years, ElTenedor is revolutionizing the industry by connecting restaurants and diners, following the principles of Yield Management, adapting the price to the demand of the moment, a practice that is successfully used in the travel industry and hotels.


SMRestauranting is the only agency in Spain and possibly the world specializing in digital marketing for the hospitality sector. Our agency has been created by Diego Coquillat with the mission of providing comprehensive service to our customers respond to the new digital restaurants relations today have with their customers, in order to positively impact their service, your brand and your business results.


The Mafia sits at the table has an extensive experience of its founding partners over 20 years of dedication to hospitality . It specializes in restoration quality italomediterránea. The origins of the company are to be found in the passion its founders by the Italian roots and film. The Mafia sits at the table is a consistent company, young and dynamic, with an excellent brand image and steady growth (expansion) which it aims to become an international lovemark. Our philosophy is to reach the hearts of our customers betting on continued work on developing new products, ability to adapt to new trends and human capital as a way to capture emotional factor and get passion beyond reason. The Mafia is a day of the last dictates of the kitchen. We provide a letter that year after year thanks to the work of R + D + I is carried out from center is updated. We have our own workshop, logistics platform and distribution to the entire franchise network, allowing us to efficiently cover the entire value chain.


CODISYS is one of the Spanish reference companies for the provision of global software solutions, hardware and services sectors Restoration, Retail and Distribution. More than 25 years of experience in the market, the company has a presence in Spain and Italy and gives coverage solutions and services to its customers both in Europe and Latin America.


Powering the restoration from the formation, we believe in it as a prerequisite for managing any hospitality business. Thus, We impart specialized training college in person, online and Incompany especially directed to propietarios, managers and middle managers HORECA sector. We have face editions in Madrid, Valencia and Alicante and an edition 100% Online.

fire Watch

Monitoring and analysis platform leading social networks worldwide. Gather millions of online conversations and offer customers the tools to analyze, enabling businesses make smarter decisions based on data collected.


Kime is a plug & play humanoid platform built by Macco Robotics. With its design and smart features, Kime allow any company to prosper and improve their potential, to serve its customers, quality products endless.


Waitry is the vehicle towards the digital transformation of restaurants and hotels. Provides customers with their own platform for ordering from the table, to carry and delivery and a complete set of tools on your platform to digitize, automate and optimize orders, Attention, service, kitchen, capacity, marketing, loyalty and software integrations. Waitry is much more than a platform, is the ideal technological partner to increase the profitability of your business