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He veganismo is a lifestyle that is becoming increasingly in our society. Vegan philosophy is based on Total respect for animals, considering equal to humans. In this way, people who choose to be vegans choose not to consume animal products or derived products that come from them, something that It goes beyond the mere supply.

When looking certain equality with the animal world flee from the speciesism, They will stop eating these foods, but also they stop using products chemicals that have been tested on animals o ropas which they are woven from fur or animal hair.

So, veganism is more than a diet an attitude towards life and the sustainability of the planet (If we consider the pollution that entails producing huge quantities of meat). Nevertheless, change the type of diet you are the first of the steps that are usually given to begin in the vegan way.

Shows that this diet progresses acceptance son the vegan restaurants that they are beginning to populate the cities. As well, that famous recognized as Paul McCartney, Jared Leto, Brad Pitt, Ellen Page O Moby they have expressed certain arguments as vegans gives authority to this way of living.

Vegan food restaurants… al fin

There was a time when go to eat with friends or couples It was a real tragedy for someone who was vegan. The options were quite small and unfamiliarity made the typical letters were included in “vegetable sandwich” with tuna. It was difficult this time when nobody understood veganism, especially for vegans.

Today these types of options are contemplated within the letters of many restaurants in cities around the world what, even without being vegan, have chosen to include varieties that if you are. To complete the offer, there are entirely vegan restaurants whose philosophy rests not only offer a free dish of animal cruelty, but everything around it is the establishment.

In purely vegan restaurants there any meat, animal products or animal product tested. further, often become scenarios in which the fact of creating community favors, either with talks, events or promoting the relationship between a city vegans. Although, Really, these restaurants are not so many as you might think.

Vanilla bean, an example of app-based vegan restaurants

Shortage of supply sometimes requires vegans eat anything elaborate anything against the more comprehensive offering that exists for people who do eat meat, It arises the need to create an application so that those who carry out a way of life vegan have it easier when they eat in your city or when, traveling, They look for sites of this style in the destination cities.

Vanilla Bean It is a free application that centralizes over 1.800 vegan restaurants They found in England, Ireland, North Ireland, Scotland, Gales, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. While it is not yet available in Spain, It does not seem to take too long to do. This is an app available on the App Store and also in Google Play which allows people to know the exact location of restaurants of this type, sensitized with sustainability or suitable for people with food intolerances.

For one of the founders of this application, Fabian Kreipl the biggest motivation to eat vegan food (if only once a week) is being able to contribute a little bit to change the impact of humans on the planet in which we live. And of course why not change the world without sacrificing the taste of food?

The evolution of veganism adds to the development of technologies that determine the flow of the human being in today's society and, hence appear Vanilla Bean or apps como Happy Cow. The latter is also a service where you can consult vegan restaurants, vegetarians or intolerant to any food that are closer. further, the user can rate or leave comments about what he considers interesting.

When traveling, It is good to have Veggie Passport, other application that lets you know what kind of food and ingredients should ask if you are vegan. features 33 different languages, so that veganism is not affected by the change of borders.

By last, as a curiosity and for foodies who they go crazy with street food, those who do not pass a food without tasting when traveling to other countries, There are also alternatives. In Mexico DF, the position of Maria Bonita Veganos, each morning dawns willing to offer the best free Mexican food of animal cruelty.

Definitely, Here are some ways to move towards a world in which fit all options.

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  1. Hello, I know vanilla bean and its creators from the beginning, in December 2015 in Germany. Vanilla bean is a young application, professional and continuously expanding so i would like to add a data: vanilla bean exists not only in England and Ireland, but also in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Although not yet available in Spain, You only need a little patience.
    a greeting!

    • Jose Berenguer on

      Hello Rocio! Thank you very much for the contribution, we note. Like you, We look forward to this application reaches Spain. We'll be alert. Regards!

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