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Seeking control and immediacy in the service restaurants


We are living through a time of change which requires restaurants to bring their business ideas inexorably toward instant self-service and customer satisfaction. Technology is pushing both people and businesses forward and challenging traditional ways of thinking and operating.

In the catering sector, diners are changing and it can be seen a tendency where wait for anything is beginning to be unacceptable or the less annoying. Why it is becoming more and more users to avoid eating or dining out in favor of the convenience you bring it home, for example.

With the use of mobile devices in the increase, and the ability to have everything at your fingertips, diners are demanding more control. Only a few years ago, we used to call for a cab or look down the street, and we would still be doing that today if Uber O Cabify They not have been born.

Now such is the experience received when you use these applications that many users do not even think back to catch a taxi. The same goes somewhat with AirBnB and many other companies that less than a decade decided change the rules in their respective sectors, being disruptive.

Two fundamental changes in customers restaurants:

The first is the change that allows you to control when and where the user wants a service, which should be as personalized as possible Y, Secondly, the notion of immediacy. We do not want to wait for anything and thanks to our mobile phones this may be possible, why restaurants should take steps to walk at the same pace that make the new demands of its customers.

The world of technology allows us to buy anything anywhere with just one click, so Why should we wait longer than necessary when we go to a restaurant?

With all these technological innovations that allow immediate service, still we hope when eating out for:

  • Sit down to table
  • To bring you the letter
  • For staff to note the order
  • To order food or additional drinks
  • To order a napkin or a covered
  • Bring to account (and data-phone).

This is changing and will soon be intolerable!

Diners are increasingly frustrated when they have to wait and even if it is at noon, during working hours. If we think our experience in a restaurant, most of the time we are waiting, even to ask for a napkin or a covered staff need attention. This creates dissatisfaction and anxiety, Y, when a customer leaves a place without being satisfied most likely will not return.

The introduction of mobile POS systems, where a waiter takes your order on a device that links directly to your system, have increased efficiency in daily operations of restaurants. Nevertheless, This has not addressed the real root problem. They are still depending on your personal for any needs that may arise in the room.

And these problems affect sales? To get an idea we only ask ourselves a few simple questions, How often a customer could consider ordering a dish or extra drink or even another round of beers, but he has withdrawn from the difficulty of attracting the attention of the waiter busy? How many times have wanted to go and has been waiting 15 O 20 minutes when the restaurant was fully booked? These details mean less revenue for the restaurateur and it should not be like.

How to solve the problem of waiting in a restaurant?

The key is offer a new gastronomic experience giving guests full control They ask what, when they requested and when they want to pay and go.

applications Mr.Noow allow customer to control, It's like a remote control in the restaurant and turn The system improves service management because it allows waiters to focus on dishes and dispatch respond more efficiently.

These systems allow the palm of your hand, You can place the order and send it directly to the kitchen or bar.

All advantages:

  • They not give up that last order not to call the waiter
  • They may ask for dessert they want when they have greater momentum
  • Pay through the system when they are finished, split the bill and leave whenever they want

The catering industry needs to modernize and Technologies like this are now a reality, They can help restorers to improve their communication with the client and turn improve operations.

About the Author

Ceo and co-founder of Mr Noow, the app that allows diners to see the letter, order and pay from your mobile. Mr. Noow increases the average ticket and increases the rotation of the restaurant tables.


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