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Korean restaurant you dating while you eat


Few days ago, a Korean restaurant has revolutionized the Internet with a video showing that in addition to feed you, They are in charge of looking for your soulmate.

Lately we bombard websites dedicated to find your ideal person, that to make plans like movies or dining out, but here they have been around the concept: you go alone to the restaurant and out of there accompanied, if you want, Clear.

The first thing you do when you walk into this establishment is to ask you about your marital status, if they do not see your sexual orientation also, but what appears later in images, yes that must be taken into account. Breakfasting at a table facing a wall and while you're eating a tablet It hung on the side lights up and makes you the next question: "Are you enjoying? Please, answer yes or no to the statement: I wish someone eat me ". If the answer is yes, the wall in front of you rises and appears a person who was eating the other side and now it turns out that the share table, food, conversation and what is third.

In seven days, This video has been viewed about six hundred thousand times, it is unclear whether it is a real restaurant or just a joke they spend their diners, are some questions in the air that suggest that no more than a hidden camera, such as what would happen if you say yes, but whoever is on the other side says no, in that case could not raise the false wall. Nevertheless, the idea of ​​business model is there and seen the increasing development of platforms such as striver o Adoptauntio.es It would not be surprising that it was a success if installed in our country.

A few years ago it became fashionable dinners created exclusively for singles, but so far we had seen in Spain it was to share a table with a few singles and see if there was any sight between them. Also called speed dating local drinks, where you get seven minutes to meet each of the candidates, but it is impossible to even consider having dinner with so little time.

While it is true that what do exist are -at least in Madrid restaurants there are any, in which a phone in each table directly connects to all customers and just lift the handset can invite to share who you fancy evening, the decision to accept or no longer dependent on each. But nothing like what we see in the video, where staff intervenes actively in the distribution of couples.

in Ghent (Belgium), He was a decade ago and a bistro in which organized blind dates between two people consisting of a dinner, "Lovely dinner" could be read in the letter. further, had a large table in the middle of the restaurant in which people interact invited not know each other, but shared tablecloth.

So, the idea of ​​combining love with food maybe just need a little imagination and a little push, After to say that the many people through his stomach, what better way to get to know each with a delicious meal and good wine, Do not you think?

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