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“Instagram is worth only a pretty picture; we must have a strategy”. Interview with Mayorga, Restaurant Coque, y Bellenda, the Aplus


¿How to sell on Instagram with pretty pictures? It is not an easy subject matter much because photography, but it is not all alone when it comes to positioning a restaurant in this social network and achieve conversion needed to be profitable.

Adrian Mayorga, Coque restaurant social media, Y Pablo Bellenda, creative director of the company Aplus Gastromarketing, They explained from her experience, in #TeatroDigital coordinated by @diegocoquillat at # ExpoHip2018, how to use Instagram efficiently and with purpose because You have to be very careful: "People post everything you eat".

"When you upload photos to Instagram your restaurant name and position yourself products in search engines and bring traffic to your website. Al tell stories, transmites brand image and generate expectations”, Mayorga has said Adrian, exposing as some well-known restaurants.

This is what they do in this social network the following establishments:

Perrachica: With photos published by projecting an international image and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. There is an aesthetic uniform and a balance in their tones.

Dog and Biscuit: In its visual image in Instagram give great importance to suite your emplatados. There is no photo stand out over others.

the Tacky: It is a most irreverent restaurant, more transgressive, and so belie their excellent emplatados, In addition to showing how your customers have a great time.

top Gril: In your photos using the top of your food, focused on their products; It makes a lot of interaction with customers; invited to take pictures and publish them. Uses much the #foodporn.

Taberna Pedraza: Shows a cult product; It sold as a traditional restaurant.

Shell: Post stories with own hashtags; highlights the customer experience, as well as enhance the value of the Sandoval family and accompanying equipment; They have many followers and fans.

Mayorga and Bellenda also answered some questions for our newspaper.

QUESTION: Just because the restaurants put nice pictures on Instagram will ensure they have customers who need? Or do you need something else to accompany? What are the key elements to sell in Instagram photos?

ANSWER Pablo Bellenda: I would say three things: The pictures have a good lighting, and as Adrian said in the presentation, It is important that they are accompanied by a good content and own hashtags.

P: What kind of content?

Pablo Bellenda: You have to be more creative than your competition. Must be very careful presentation of the dishes, the emplatado. We must investigate the hashtags you are using your competition and create your own. Make contests and celebrate special days, tell what's going on in your restaurant, for this are not only fundamental but also photos videos. Y, very important: Use the stories!

P: What is the present value of the stories to sell on Instagram?

Adrian Mayorga: The value is their immediacy, because it is something that is happening at the moment. But, Besides, The nice thing is that they are a very comfortable way for our fans to see our stories, our content. The stories have become "form par excellence".

P: Are the stories have emerged as such an important element that contributes to humanize the restaurant?

Adrian Mayorga: I do not know if you humanize, but it is all as less studied. They are more informal and spontaneous.

P: What value then you have Instagram in the process of selling restaurants?

Adrian Mayorga: Namely Instagram, which is an extremely visual social network has a lot of weight and a lot of importance. But, behind you have to be something more. It not only a pretty picture. A restaurant must have from the beginning, from the beginning, to do things right, and then count them well.

Pablo Bellenda: From the beginning there must be a strategy, to establish a calendar to count things, decide what things are going to put, investigate what is doing competition, analyze how niche these. It is these factors which should not ignore.

P: What recomendais apps that are useful to make nice pictures on Instagram?

Pablo Bellenda: Prism, Foodie and Snapseed are very useful Apps. It is also important to have a good mobile.

P: If you have to tell me how to sell a tweet with nice pictures on Instagram, What would you say?

Pablo Bellenda: Spy competition and do better than them.

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