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In the new pizzerias in Silicon Valley engineers and robots work


A few weeks ago we talked about Momentum Machines and his robot you can do 400 hamburgers time without the need for a team of cooks, today we have to talk of a similar business. And is that juice Pizza is a restaurant chain that has begun to use robots and artificial intelligence to produce 372 pizzas when. This pizzeria serves throughout California relying on UberEats to make deliveries.

Josh Goldberg, from 38 year old, It is the CTO of this pizza chain based in Mountain View, California. While it is true that there are few pizzerias with a Head of Technology degree in engineering or personnel among its workers, Zume Pizza is proud to make use of automation and technology to make their more efficient operations and provide higher quality service.

Your kitchen does produce 10 times more than a normal pizzeria pizzas with human personnel. A series of robotic arms style assembly lines in car factories are responsible for adding sauce and ingredients to the bases previously divided into perfect circles and then carefully insert in the oven.

If Zume Pizza has a problem non-human, the problem is Goldberg

For a long period and helped by a number of cameras, Josh Goldberg observed throughout the assembly process pizzas and patterns by which cooks were guided to cut the dough portions, Add ingredients, etc. Thus has managed to program robots for controlling Juice perfectly the size, the shape and the precise location of the pizza at all times and thus can always, successfully reach the next step.

Nevertheless, it is normal that new problems arise, since the robots need calibration and code it must be updated from time to time. For example, when a change occurs in the dough recipe or salsa, robots will have to learn new commands to work different food, amounts and textures.

Why Zume has a team of 20 software engineers aided by a kitchen staff that not only prepares ingredients, but many have been trained to work with robots. Other crew as delivery drivers and cooks, They are being trained in different computer skills so they can perform their function properly digitized and robotized such as a company is this.

"Instead of having a high rate of low-skilled workers, will have a smaller team that paid higher wages and percentage of profits "recently he said in media as latimes.com Julia Collins, co-founder and co-executive director of Juice.

"We do not seek a comprehensive business automation, still there are things that humans do best robots, as preparing sauces, think of new recipes or know what the ideal point of every mass ", Collins said, and he continued to accept that: "Nevertheless, automation and software allow Zume reduce costs, make pizzas or predict what people want before asking ".

And it seems that's also what investors think, at least so does the venture capital firm SignalFire, which has invested more than 23 million in this company. A brand that has entered the right foot in the new movement of "SuperPizza", starring actors Blaze O 800 Degrees, and basing its focus on robotics, They have chosen to offer the highest quality ingredients with the same or greater speed and convenience that consolidated chains as Domino´s Pizza O Pizza Hut.

Thus arises a new trend, mainly centered in the Silicon Valley, Businesses are seeing the automation as a way to reduce costs and thus be more profitable.

Restaurants robots end up with many repetitive jobs

Pizza companies like Zume have the potential to eliminate many repetitive jobs carried out by unskilled. The catering industry is doomed to a new paradigm in which experts predict that "jobs will not be destroyed, but simply will alter, You need to work on them more training and new knowledge ", according Joe Pawlak, general manager Technomic, market research company in the catering industry.

It is a perfect time to train workers today in the necessary skills for robotics and high technology of tomorrow, which will be implemented in jobs where none existed before, as it has happened with the robot Zume Pizza in United States.

Today Goldberg oversees their robots, conveyor belts, the software, applications and Zume furnaces installed in trucks that allow the company cooking pizzas as they head to their delivery point. He began his career in electrical engineering in the years 90 before turning to software development. He had not worked in hospitality since bagels sold in a shop in his youth.

But the truth is that more and more engineers are finding work in sectors such as hotels and restaurants, that did not need them. Automation entering new areas has caused engineers are already working on automated cafes, Quinoa burger restaurants, but not as a typical symbol of the crisis, but because workers needed in these places now closer to this profile.

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