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Scorching restaurants in the online customers every day are more numerous and more demanding


Maria del Carmen Ramirez Camino is Director of R & D Group Abrasador, a nutrition expert and aware of developments in the hospitality sector in Spain which is linked for many years.

From this digital newspaper we wanted to interview her and their views on various current issues around meat products, new consumption habits and their future prospects.

  • Tell us what is the Scorching Group and how you describe it to someone who does not yet know

Burning born ago 25 years with a mission to improve the nutrition of people with meats own parenting through hospitality. We are a group united by the brand restaurants to serve veal and Iberian own parenting. The household own livestock for more than 40 years.

Committed to high quality meat we produce and sell, We care every detail that affects the quality of the products we serve. In the process of quality care, from the beginning, we decided to create a transformer itself, in which all processes are the best, determined by our professionals. Something I always emphasize when define, is that since our inception we have had the need to provide transparency to a market that, although it has advanced and much improved, He has been somewhat opaque being consumer, Scorching and we have always done through the selection of cattle used.

Our raw materials are two highly appreciated products in the market we select only what we know that fulfills the requirement of being healthier, so our message to the consumer is completely real: Young beef cow against old age and Iberian pork, the fundamental quality of the goodness of their fat pig in front of white saturated fats which are abundant.

In Scorching we like to highlight the three most powerful tools that we strengthen our growth and each of the outlets, App itself which in turn is our system customer loyalty, the centralization of reserves to facilitate management and training processes for all establishments that are part of the brand know every detail.

Since 1977, committed to a quality breeding to get the best product reaches the table.

Group strategy:

First know the restaurant as a customer during the first year, transmit them the "Know How" brand through the training process and we adapt their kitchens cooked embers system approved by the brand. They incorporate parallel digital applications group.

The requirements for restaurant associated with the mark:

Have more than 14 references in the restaurant's menu of dishes and recipes that contain some product brand own upbringing, either fresh or cured. Here are some of our dishes: Scorching Jamón (Iberian country, reared on our farms), plus some prescription entries like the tower of piquillo, trocina of Anoja or Anoja beef tataki with pistachio praline and salads, that group are recipes and products containing raising own house. Finally and as a main dish should always have the grilled meats, with minimal 5 Anoja references veal meat and other 3 Iberian references and one or two barbeques made with some of these references.

To make this project real and authentic in every retail outlet, we have seen, the restaurant should have this minimum of references own parenting, where any customer looking Scorching meat quality You can find a minimum of dishes and recipes with products from this brand. This allows us to be a real and sustainable project, it is not a utopia and that animals are cared and reared with great care for our families and livestock farming, They may be present in partner brand restaurants.

Iberian loin grilled tournedos

  • As aware of the great changes that are happening in the consumption habits of meat products, What is your opinion about the new trends that target these new habits?

The first thing I note is that I give a lot of value to diversity, both in the field of nutrition and the hospitality.

As for the work we do from Scorching group, Center the subject in the actual data 2018 in the consumption of meat in our country it is that it increases 3,3% over the previous year, that he 81% of the population choose a meat once a week and do the 48% for pleasure, he 42 % for balanced diet and 30% for health.

In my opinion and according to the data available to the sector 2018 in Spain, 14.575 million euros of meat products, of which 5.000 millions are sausages and just 40 million are vegetarian products, which it is certainly an emerging niche but lavished changes or we spoke with real data, less impact than it seems a priori, and in any case it highlights one of the reasons for substituting meat for other foods, It is due to concerns about the social pressure and negative information that turns especially in terms of organic origin and concern for animal welfare and not for the sake of consumers themselves.

In my opinion and being the current framework, not so much condemn the consumption of meat, but demand the highest quality in the same. And to include greater diversity in diet and restrict abuse of consumption of meat products, especially those processed, such as sausages, because I think not help improve food.

Scorching's farm in Badajoz

I do not think that should be convenient to exaggerate the consumption of any food, especially certain highly processed cereals, by its sugar content can trigger and aggravate many cases of diabetes. The only foods that can be consumed without fear of excesses are vegetables with lower carbohydrate content for the significant contribution of vitamins and antioxidants, and its high water content and minerals.

  • Given the belief that meat products are not best suited for lifestyle based on healthy eating or healthy trend, How desmitificarías the arguments on which that belief is supported?

It is not difficult to demystify, I think we need to increase consumer education and want to clarify, professional sector and nutritionist, savvy consumer taste and good feeding practices, which called healthy food, It does not make it so. To find out whether or not they qualify for a health food intake is necessary to know a little more what we eat.

Despite knowing that a very quick way to demystify a particular message is through influencers who can convey an opinion or the opposite depending on who you hire and not our intention to enter into that format, we always look to the experience of our consumer, which they are both restaurants and the end customer, endorse all the quality with which we make our products, and in this process is the customer who becomes humble and close prescribers of our image.

To give value to meat in food, enough to talk about some of its benefits, its contribution protein, its biological value, of vitamin and mineral, and a fundamental aspect is the pleasure and enjoyment when eating certain foods that are linked to the feeding process.

Tataki de añoja

The consumer can help a lot to be free to consume, read between the lines and interpret the nutrition information for food, know how many calories a food brings, the amount of fat you can eat and what happens when most of ingested fats are called good fats. we must also know what the glycemic index of food and how it influences the absorption of sugars and how it affects insulin release in our body. And differentiate between additives and ingredients and differentiate artisan foods processed food.

  • New technologies will allow the consumer to have all the information on traceability of meat. Are we moving towards an era in which information, transparency and honesty will be key to add value to meat products?

Of course yes. In fact, improving food passes through the origin of the food know and as has been produced, and feeding additives or animal from which, where appropriate, or manufacturing process which has been subjected.

When we know all this information we can get closer to what contribution we eat health.

Padre Julio and Julio Ramirez Ganadero founder's son Scorching group

Knowing the history of each food will allow our choice goes in line with our tastes and not a trend that we sometimes can not provide satisfaction.

  • The customer has been digitized Are Scorching restaurants are taking on the challenge of digitization as a key lever to attract and retain this new customer?

emphatically yes. From the center we are very committed to this purpose and so we do see our partner restaurants. We surround ourselves with the best professionals to provide training to all establishments Burning, and the last two years the effect has been very positive and certainly all agree to use any method available to us. From the App itself (loyalty tool), through the digital book of own reserves and, Of course, being present in those essential digital media for our sector. All in Abrasador are aware of the importance of being close to our customers, both traditional and customers "on line" every day more numerous and more demanding.

  • In the R & D constant in which you work, we go on ahead some meat what the next innovation or gastronomic restaurants Abrasador

Of course, I can move it on the line we are already working on the creativity of our meats, will highlight a new product not processed, recovering traditional techniques and proximity, a product with classic flavors but with very exotic touches and I can not reveal anything more…

  • We're all setting our sights on the year 2020 What challenges are Abrasador Group for the year?

Currently there 34 restaurants associated with the brand, distributed in different Spanish provinces. And strategically, since two years ago, we managed to be present in other 115 restaurants that have some of our references meats own upbringing in his letters, outside areas of exclusive partner restaurants.

Based on this objective for 2020

60 Restaurants associated with Scorching brand, 230 Restaurant customers of some of our own parenting meat. Increase of 40% billing.

Y 20% increase in turnover for restaurants associated with the reservation platforms and brand loyalty.

  • Since you are a great connoisseur of the paradigms of power, Do we give some clues that you must know to feed better?

Here are some truths about food producers and challenges for the sector:

All meat foods are equally healthy: No. We have to choose what we eat, and choose as occasional those whose saturated fat content is high (above the 8%)

All carbohydrates are healthy: No, they are not, and even less, when their sugar content is rapidly absorbed and that's where we have the great challenges food producers.

whether or not processed products: Definitely less processed as possible, this means not being subjected to high temperatures in the manufacturing process and have included additives. The challenge is to make products minimally processed, without additives and favoring the use of nutrients from food.

Containers ensure improved food quality: No, not all. Another challenge is to the use of safer packaging and avoiding those components that harm human health.

Ideally, work on products that provide quality nutrients which reduce saturated fat to a minimum and to provide natural antioxidants that fight oxidation to which we subjected the pace of life today.

Piquillo tower with trocina of Anoja

Excess fruit, It is not recommended for their sugar intake, fructose, whose excessive intake, It can increase the risk of diabetes. So you have to know how to choose fruits that take a day depending on their glycemic index or the rate of absorption of carbohydrates which owns and time of consumption

Too much red meat is not recommended by the presence of saturated fats and the needs of maturation of these products to make them more tender, Clearly, not all have to be matured for a long time, hence it is so important to know these details of the product.

White meat in excess is not recommended, in the case of chicken, due to the presence of hormones in animal feed of that obtained in the case of white pig by their content Saturated fats

Excessive consumption of dietary fiber will hinder the absorption of other nutrients while a defect it will favor the difficulties of intestinal transit

10 short questions to know the digital and technological side of Maria del Carmen Ramirez

1.- Are you Iphone or Android? Iphone

2.- Laptop, dessert tablet? Laptop

3.-What is your favorite social network? Instagram

4.-The last app you downloaded? The specific application for my sports watch

5.-Do you use hashtags, which? Depending on publications, If you are working #Instagram #instagood #instafood #delcampoalaparrilla #abrasador #carnesaludable #restaurante. And if you are personal publications #foodie #sporlovers #healthyfood and related to the publication in question

6.-What is the emoji that do not stop to put on Whatsapp? 😘

7.-¿Digital or telephone booking? Digital

8.-A Netflix or HBO series that we recommend? Stranger Things de Netflix

9.-¿Alexa, Siri Google? Assistant Alexa

10.-What digital device you take to a desert island? Mi Iphone, Of course

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