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Launched the final of the second edition of The Guest Chef at Le Bistro

  • Four selected dishes begin to be present on the chart for two weeks.
  • In the second half only the two most sought recipes remain.
  • Customers decide the winner of the contest.
  • The contest rewards the winner entering your dish in the new letter of Le Bistro for a year.

Le Bistro launches the final phase of the second edition of The Chef Guest. The contest seeks a student kitchen vallisoletanas different schools to present his dish and enter the letter of your restaurant, also they have the opportunity to study the vallisoletanos kitchen outside the city.

The contest has three stages to get done with the prize. In the first phase, and they selected the eight contestants chosen from those submitted online inscriptions describing their dishes. In the second phase, Each guest chef prepared its creation in the kitchen of Le Bistro try giving the jury of the staff of the various departments of the company and the winner of the first contest, Mario Martin Hernandez.

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Photography Borja Merino

Of elected and after a first deliberation by the first court creations have selected four of the eight finalists dishes that will lead to the final competition. The four winners correspond to the names of Ainara Alonso Treceño prospers student at School, Diego González Benito student at school Le Cordon Bleu Madrid, Alvaro Centeno Rocha is exercising the profession and trained at the School of International Fernando Perez Kitchen and finally, Saul Martinez de Blas formed in the I.E.S. Diego de Praves and finally at the International Cooking School Fernando Perez and takes nine years in office.

During the first half of this last step, of the 3 al 17 of April, the four chosen dishes are included in the special menu of the restaurant and the diner audience decides the two finalists. He 18 This month a recount will be held by choosing the two favorite recipes and most requested by customers of Le Bistro, which, will remain in the final round of the second half of this grand finale, from that day until 2 of May. In this last step the prize, the dish that best ask the winner of the Guest Chef.

He 4 May an event in which prizes will be awarded to the finalists and the winner will be announced will take place. Favorite dish customers will be introduced in the letter of Le Bistro. Cook the winner will receive a cash prize 300 euros and one euro for every time your plate is asked for a diner (1 €/plato) replacing one year Tataki salmon on a bed of noodles, award-winning dish of the first edition.

The goal of Le Bistro is provide an opportunity for future professionals to know the business world, give them visibility in the industry and support them in their learning Given the, collaborate in promoting training is an important aspect in their sector. This contest is encompassed in the Social Responsibility Policy Le Bistro Capuccino Bar et Restaurant, aspect which received the National Award for Hospitality company committed to social responsibility by the Spanish Federation of Hotels and Restaurants (FEHR).

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