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Catering and hospitality, what are not you tell are stories


My parents worked in France for many years; They learned in the cradle of gastronomy the noble profession of hotelier and returned to his land with money and a lot of knowledge for Spain then. They mounted their family restaurant with great success. Grew up, It was expanded in meters, staff and everything was smooth sailing until it came the oil crisis of the years 80.

Then he began the decline that devoted itself to the closure a few years later. The lack of business management was the culprit. It is not controlled almost nothing, and the main indicator of good business performance was that there was more money in the box the day before. My father used much rasera, but nothing pen.

After that hard and early business lesson, I started working in different multinational companies. They all taught me how a company is managed HORECA; with technology working for us, receiving indicators, Statistics, ... comparative management control pure all areas of the business to make sound decisions.

I discovered the power of spreadsheets. Today socioeconomic changes They are very deep and occur at breakneck speed. The restoration has been turned upside down and nothing will be what it was.

To live hospitality is no longer enough to be a fan who cooks well and is majo; this is now a thing of professional. To bring up a hospitality business you need to master numerous tools and entrepreneurial skills to extract maximum performance.

And many fronts: address, living room, kitchen, shopping, cycle of goods, human Resources, marketing, operations, administration, online reputation ... It turns out that the spreadsheet has been overcome. Thanks to technological development, professionalization of training and large dose innovation, have appeared on the market many applications and services that until recently were only available to large corporations and for scanning all areas of business.

And the best part is that these tools have democratized in price and are easy to use. But, Where do I begin? What is the best POS / POS? ¿Integrated applications or sole supplier? What is better reservation manager?

Beside Diego Coquillat Y Manel Morillo, teachers Gastrouni, we have prepared GIR, the first and only guide to innovation for restaurants, to help answer the hundreds of questions we receive each year on these issues, and this has led us to concentrate on a single publication all the solutions, applications and technological innovations that are related to the food industry and beverage.

With GIR2019 we seek to help the sector to have a single document the map of innovation and digital solutions that improve business viability and happiness of the people who are around the restoration.

For as my father told me already retired, which they are no accounts, are stories. Welcome to the future of the sector HORECA, and GIR2019 free download from here.

About the Author

I'm a lucky guy that life has given him much more than I expected. I teach at the University Institute for Tourism Research. I am Director of the Master in Restaurants & F&B Hospitality University of Alicante.


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