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January 2016: Calendar of marketing activities for restaurants


New Year, new calendar. Since January start 2016 with good intentions and desire to make this year something special, nothing better to apply these marketing ideas to help restaurants attract and retain customers.

January is the coldest month in Spain, so not particularly inviting to do too much away from home, so you have to sharpen your wits and more than ever try to take advantage of all special days with which it is loaded calendar this month. We want to share with you some reasons or excuses for your restaurant differs and offer something new to your customers.

Suffice it to say that it is the month of soup, Hot tea, Oat, of simmer, serving good food and caring proposed weight. Thank also the month, donating blood, puzzles and creativity. Not bad to start the year, Besides, we include a calendar so you can choose which day or days you are better for action marketing your restaurant.

This time I want to emphasize the following selection 15 actions that can give much play. Clearly, there are many more and it all depends on your possibilities to choose one or the other. Just take some imagination and desire experiencing funny moments.

For example, Monday 4 -even dates are in familiares- is the day of Trivial. How about a contest with your customers? Those who have more successes could be a prize another day, well at least back to look at what position have been.

On Friday 8, day of the rombos -not to dress television-. It would be very funny to organize an event where attendees take clothes with rhombus, course and photos will be shared on your social networks. Another option is a contest with hashtag your restaurant photo and get more likes may have gift, next Saturday 9, promotion balloon for two. It is a good prize to participate and certainly an action that will generate a lot of 'noise' networks.

After ballooning surf weekend, on Wednesday 13, There are two possible actions that can also lead to talk. One is the day of rubber duck and the other is the day Poetry at work. Imagination to the power, What happens is you? I suggest that everyone who shares a photo in the restaurant, well with a rubber ducky or video reciting poetry, It will do the 20% discount on the cover charge another day.

And now comes the weekend again. On Friday 15 It is the day of hat. This accessory has come back into fashion is a good excuse for a campaign on social networks. A dinner for two do you think? You can set a simple draw, upload a personal photo with hat on your Facebook page or Twitter as well as a like and share. Among all participants draw and will be notified via networks.

Saturday 16, International Day spicy food. I propose something very American, a contest of spicy dishes. It is said that, rumored, rumored according Mexicans and Indians Spaniards can not stand much spicy ... so it's time to become clear or change our fame. Nothing better than a free dinner, when you have passed the effects of spiciness, pore armarnos valor de y participar.

Tuesday 19, Day Popcorn sweet and / or savory, in its dry side as millet or kiko, as ground corn bread or cake flour, fresh or roasted on the cob or corn flakes batter like ... What menu with these or other alternatives do you propose we? I hope that you leave the recipe.

On Wednesday 20, day of the Cheese lovers, which they are few. It occurs to me the special menu Cheese, with raclette, fondue, a varied tables, always adored cheese croquette ... and for dessert, as, the New York cheesecake-and I salivando-. I know it can be somewhat heavy a menu exclusively cheese, but you can always cut with accompaniments like vegetables, fruit nuts.

Thursday 21, day of the Hugs... never wrong, no? It's simple then, publishing in social networks regaláis hugs that day all who go to your restaurant, as little it will be fun and rewarding for both parties.

And on Friday arrives 22, day of white brownie, double pleasure. favorite dessert of many. It's a chance this day, What better way to sweeten the palates of your guests who give away with this delicious dessert to make promoting it in their social networks uploading photos and comments.

And Tuesday 26, we met the day spouse. If you have it will be celebrated. As a prelude to Valentine, And since it's Tuesday, What if we do couples night? Thus we transform some idle Tuesday on a special day.

carnivals approach, and Thursday 28 It is the day of kazoo, trumpet or pito de chapa chirigota instrument, in each safe place that has a name, and it will be used in one way or another, the case is to use. Taking advantage of these dates, What if from the restaurant grabaros dare you making a joke or song with the base of this instrument? Sure you are trending topic.

And on Friday 29, It is the day corn chips, an entree that gives much play. You can play with your touch to sauces providing best known as guacamole or cheese, or more new combinations of each place.

Finally I want to emphasize on Saturday 30, day of croissant. This bun supports both sweet and savory, so that I challenge to develop a selection of snacks or caps with croissant base. What do you propose? Already beginning to be hungry!

We have also included many more dates and gastronomic events that are part of American calendar (#usa), as they pose a very interesting contribution from two points of view, on the one hand the ability to generate excuses related marketing in restaurants Y, for other, any adjustments to these events in Spain in the future.

Calendar of marketing activities for January restaurants 2016

Marketing ideas for restaurants

Here is the schedule for January 2016:

Friday 1 from January

  • New Year
  • Day commit to new purposes

Saturday 2 from January

  • Pastry filled day (#usa)
  • Day buffet (#usa)
  • Day of Science Fiction (#usa)
  • Day Inspiration and Motivation (#usa)

Sunday 3 from January

  • Day chocolate cherries (#usa)
  • Toss Day fruitcake (#usa)
  • Day drinking straw (#usa)

Monday 4 from January

  • Spaghetti Day (#usa)
  • World Hypnotism Day
  • Day hit parade of pop music (#usa)
  • Trivial Day (#usa)

Tuesday 5 from January

  • Kings Parade
  • Day whipped cream (#usa)
  • Bird Day

Wednesday 6 from January

  • Day Shortbread (#usa)
  • Bean Day (#usa)
  • Day snuggle (#usa)
  • Apple Day

Thursday 7 from January

  • Day tempura (#usa)

Friday 8 from January

  • Day toffee (#usa)
  • Day rombos (#usa)

Saturday 9 from January

  • Apricot Day (#usa)
  • Day balloon ascent (#usa)

Sunday 10 from January

  • Day bittersweet chocolate (#usa)
  • Day peculiar person (#usa)

Monday 11 from January

  • Hot Toddy Day (#usa)
  • Milk Day

Tuesday 12 from January

  • Marzipan Day
  • Day clean your desktop (#usa)
  • Pharmacist Day (#usa)

Wednesday 13 from January

  • Peach Melba day (#usa)
  • Day rubber ducky (#usa)
  • Poetry day at work (#usa)
  • Day make your dream come true (#usa)

Thursday 14 from January

  • Day pastrami (#usa)
  • Day dress your pet (#usa)

Friday 15 from January

  • Strawberry Ice Cream Day (#usa)
  • Hat Day (#usa)
  • Dragon Day (#usa)

Saturday 16 from January

  • International Day spicy food
  • Day fig Newtons (#usa)

Sunday 17 from January

  • Day cream hot rum (#usa)
  • Day inventors children (#usa)
  • Confirm day New Year's resolutions (#usa)

Monday 18 from January

  • Day Event No (#usa)
  • Day Winnie the Pooh (#usa)

Tuesday 19 from January

  • Popcorn Day (#usa)

Wednesday 20 from January

  • Day cheese lovers (#usa)
  • Day chocolate with crunchy caramel (#usa)
  • Dj Day (#usa)
  • Conservation Day Penguin (#usa)

Thursday 21 from January

  • Day cereal bar (#usa)
  • Hug Day (#usa)
  • Conservation Day Squirrel (#usa)
  • International Day of pants (#usa)

Friday 22 from January

  • White brownie day (#usa)
  • Women's Day Healthy Weight (#usa)
  • Day Life

Saturday 23 from January

  • Cake Day (#usa)
  • Rhubarb day
  • Day handwriting (#usa)
  • Day to measure your feet (#usa)

Sunday 24 from January

  • World Laughter Day
  • Day canned beer (#usa)
  • Day Peanut Butter (#usa)

Monday 25 from January

  • Irish Coffee Day
  • Day say otherwise (#usa)

Tuesday 26 from January

  • Peanut Candy Day (#usa)
  • Day spouse

Wednesday 27 from January

  • Day Chocolate Cake (#usa)
  • Day clock control or to sign (#usa)
  • International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust

Thursday 28 from January

  • Day blueberry pancake (#usa)
  • Day kazoo, trumpet or pito de chapa (Chirigota instrument)
  • European Day of Data Protection

Friday 29 from January

  • Day corn chips (#usa)
  • Day stingy / miser (#usa)
  • International Day puzzle

Saturday 30 from January

  • Day croissant (#usa)
  • School Day of Non-violence and Peace (DENIP)
  • Fun day at work

Sunday 31 from January

  • Wheat Bread Day (#usa)
  • Day back (#usa)
  • Day inspiration with art (#usa)

Here you have many reasons to generate marketing activities in your restaurant, sure some of them can become a success. What did you say Seth Godin: "I do not find customers for your products, find products for your customers. "

You can download the schedule in PDF with the best marketing ideas for restaurants:

January 2016: Calendar of shares of marketing for restaurants

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