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January of 2017: marketing activities calendar for restaurants


New Year, new goals. Although many restaurants the work cycle begins in September and with it, the implementation of the business plan; for others the year goes to the lunar calendar and begins in January. It is a good time to take account, reflect on achievements, strengthen the methods that led you to obtain, and change procedures that do not work.

As for the daily work, Last December the hard period -We hope you had a fabulous month in terms of billing- weenen few weeks of lighter, in which usually decreases the result in box, so that It may be the ideal time to implement deals, create promotional ideas for your business and achieve this so do not get too gains. In this digital newspaper we want to give you some ideas of marketing actions to achieve your goals.

Kings coming

We could not help but mention, It is one of the traditional festivals with more roots in the country. This year also, the holiday falls on a Friday, With which, Thursday will be a good day yesterday and the weekend in general an opportunity to encourage your customers to visit.

If you open the Friday holiday please report on all channels you employ, tell your starting regulars these days. Make it known on your social networks, newsletter and even add a nice sign on the card you have on the facade of the local. You can make a Reyes special menu and so you warrant minimal consumption and add your offer a small menu of tapas at the bar, you know that day many people take an appetizer before rejoining their families.

that menu You can extend the weekend, and all these communication actions also practice them on the eve of Thursday, You can even make a promotion 2×1 goblets or cocktails, If you offer, to attract those people who come out at night for a while because the next day they do not work.

And why not?, If your budget allows and your restaurant is family, give to children some detail that does not involve a lot of money as a small blackboard with colors or a puzzle for them to play while parents talk and give each other gifts, these will be delighted with you.

The aim is to exploit date throughout the weekend and rematar with a flourish Christmas holiday period.

foreign celebrations that you can use in your restaurant

As we mentioned above, January is a good time to think about do different activities to attract new customers visit your business. One way to do this is create different events, to call attention for its unique concept.

To this end you can help with the festivals celebrated in other countries and adapting them to apply them in your restaurant or bar. The day 23, for example, It is celebrated in the United States National Day Handwrite, O Handwriting Day, You can use this time to devise an activity.

Depending on the type of business you have hospitality, more or less formal restaurant, café-patisserie or wine bar can create something related to celebration.

As ideas we propose make a shop microstories directed the participants to write a short story and includes a drink with a cap on the price for participating; announce the event beforehand and that day, whoever, take hand written message, leave it in a place established as a box for someone else to take him as a kind of exchange of inspirational messages.

You can also write small handwritten notes with a motivational phrase and be left to each client account, and even add another blank note for them write what they want about your local. If your restaurant is family, You can provide material for children to write and practice.

The day 27, the same country pays him tribute to the chocolate cake as there are very few people who do not like this sweet, You can take advantage of the celebration. Make special chocolate cake that day, tell your staff that promotes among customers who request it for dessert and present it in a nice way; makes a chocolate tasting pies if your space allows; Make a workshop for making chocolate cakes; minitartas produces a chocolate with coffee regálalas.

You can actions that generate direct monetary gain or other input involving a detail for your visitors, but what, in the long run, will mean added value to what we all seek as clients: a good experience.

He 14 Y 15 from January, in the French town of Sarlat, Truffle Festival is held, and it is appreciated that this fungus in Spain, If your business cuisine is French or Mediterranean, or simply you you worship the good product, You can use this date to schedule a tasting menu, special dishes, tastings and workshops around the truffle. You will see that your customers love.

Do what you have pending to promote your restaurant

By last, This month we take to make a number of suggestions somewhat different. Many times, the daily work in hospitality is so absorbing that not much time to do some things that, although not part of the direct work, today they are essential for your business.

If January is a month a little looser your local, takes to make or improve your restaurant website, that you have been pending for so long, Remember that this is your cover letter on the Internet and often the first impact many users / customers have with your business.

If you're going to take the plunge, this post will be of great help:

If you have a regular clientele and gradually you have been doing a database with addresses, it's time to set a weekly or biweekly newsletter to tell stories with activities and products from your local, give useful information like recipes, cultural activities in the area or to wish a Merry Christmas. He email marketing is an excellent channel to communicate directly with your customers and bring you valuable content, which ultimately benefit your business.

At DiegoCoquillat.com we wish you an excellent 2017, Full of work, evolution and growth in your business. We hope these ideas marketing activities will be useful for restaurants, happy New Year!

January Calendar 2017

January 2017: Calendar of marketing activities for restaurantsJanuary 2017: Calendar of marketing activities for restaurants

Day 6

  • Kings Day

Day 8

  • the Vijanera, Sili, Cantabria

Day 12

  • San Arcadio Day, Osuna

Day 14

  • San Antonio Abad, Degrees (Huesca)

Day 22

  • Celebration Of Life Day

Day 23

  • Women’s Healthy Weight Day (#usa)
  • National Handwriting Day (#usa)

Day 27

  • National Chocolate Cake Day (#usa)

Day 29

  • International Puzzle Day (#usa)
  • Feast of Cuadrillas, Barranda (Murcia)

Until the 24-1 International Festival of Performing Arts, Sevilla

Until the 6 from January, Children dancing, Albacete

Until the 8 from January, Pastors of Calaf, Calaf

You can download the schedule in PDF with the best marketing ideas for restaurants:

January 2017: Calendar of marketing activities for restaurants

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