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January of 2020: marketing activities calendar for restaurants


Another year and another month of January that were pounces restorers. Although December is certainly a hectic month for workers in the union, it is not yet time to succumb to fatigue.

During the first days of 2020 the Christmas spirit still reside burning in the heart of the Spanish. This is an opportunity that restorers can not ignore, since immediately afterwards were opened throughout the country the January sales, with which businesses want to decimate the bonuses received in December and the few savings that citizens have in their possession after much celebration.

Coincides with these cuts costs infamous January, and among battered portfolios and New Year's resolutions, This is the period in which many men and women decide to take a low calorie diet to the letter, rejecting any option of eating out of home.

So that, the last three weeks of this month is a challenge. While there are those who fail to take breath then, Some professionals prefer to evaluate which promotions at restaurants they can afford to keep pace, or develop actions of marketing that result in better positioning ahead busiest dates, as may be Easter or summer.

With all that said, we present the actions of marketing restaurants more relevant for January 2020. Let's go there!

Latest events Christmas

During the first week of January there are three events that the restorer can use to your advantage to keep pace December for a little more.

The first day set, falls off, as it could not be otherwise, on day 1. New Year brings a important family meal, in which a future prosperous members are desired throughout the year and receive 2020 with copious comilona.

Twelfth Night is the next appointment to the restaurant. This is a magical evening for the little ones. Many parents do enough to enjoy this magical night in an unforgettable environment that germinate beautiful memories in their children. The restaurateur can offer a pleasant environment for families with children, as well as special menus and even a small ride on a small scale.

If parents have not wanted to take their children to eat away from home the night before, most likely do it the very day 6, after the young have opened the presents delivered by Their Majesties, thus closing a perfect day for minors.

Time to tighten its belt

As we indicated last year, January sales allow the restaurateur engage with adjacent businesses so that both sides see benefited. We enter into more detail on this subject in the article 2019 that any reader may consult.

Christmas is a period of many expenses for families, and to return to normal, in many homes plays a season compensation to balance the economic balance.

The only way to cajole these families is offering menus at a special price. Discounts usually work well in January, attracting even those who are in time savings do not want to forgo some point whim.

Of course, We must also remember that the settings belt does not refer only to claims on money issues. January marks the beginning of a new year is the time selected by many to break bad habits that had been dragging for a long time. Bad eating habits are the primary focus, at least for a few months or weeks.

One of the most common reasons why potential customers do not visit the restaurants is the lack of healthy choices on the menu. This feeling is heightened when he finished Christmas, since all those who have taken a few extra kilos, and also those who had already filled for some time, decide to start a diet at this time.

If in our classrooms we serve hearty boiled or grilled dishes, cooked or raw vegetables, and fat-free dishes and carbohydrates, We will make life easier for these people at the same time improve our business opportunities extremely complicated one month. Offering diet meals is a strategy marketing for restaurants very interesting to start 2020.

International Day of Croqueta

The day 16 January an international festival held great importance for Spanish cuisine: the day of the kibble.

What home does not fit the traditional croquette? This recipe has for centuries allowed leverage to the maximum leftover days prior. Chicken croquette, Ham croquette, Cheese croquettes, croquettes vegetables or mushrooms ... The possibilities are limitless.

At a time when the sustainability it is a necessity in all economic sectors, duly recognize this typically Spanish food is a great idea, further, given the versatility of the appetizer.

To make the most of this food, a good way to promote the services of our restaurant would offer a tasting original croquettes created by local chef. If you want to take this concept to new heights you can discuss the matter with local restaurateurs to establish a route in the population. How are you initiatives is achieved a large influx of new clientele, which can then be set by the exceptional service of the establishment.

If none of the actions marketing for restaurants we have proposed in these sections is adapted to your needs, then you'll find list with 107 ideas for promotions your local. Sure you will find what you are looking for.

Calendar actions marketing for restaurants

January of 2020: marketing activities calendar for restaurants Download the #ClubDiegoCoquillat


1 from January

  • New Year
  • New Year's resolutions
  • National Day Bloody Mary (OF. UU.)
  • Start of the January sales in Madrid

2 from January

  • National Day Buffet (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Profiterol (OF. UU.)
  • National Day of Science Fiction (OF. UU.)
  • National Day of motivation and inspiration (OF. UU.)

3 from January

  • National Day Cherry Chocolate Coated (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Launch of fruitcake (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Pajita (OF. UU.)

4 from January

  • National Day Spaghetti (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Fun Facts (OF. UU.)
  • World Braille Day
  • Journalist Day (Mexico)

5 from January

  • National Day Whipped Cream (OF. UU.)
  • National Day of Birds (OF. UU.)
  • King's Night

6 from January

  • National Day Shortbread (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Alubias (OF. UU.)
  • National Cuddle Day (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Manzano (OF. UU.)
  • Epiphany of the Lord
  • Kings Day
  • Start of the January sales in Aragon (Spain)

7 from January

  • Tempura National Day (OF. UU.)
  • Day of the Postage Stamp
  • Start of the January sales (virtually all regions of Spain)

8 from January

  • National Day Toffee (OF. UU.)
  • Start of the January sales in the Principality of Asturias and Valencia (Spain)

9 from January

  • National Day Albaricoque (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Cassoulet (OF. UU.)

10 from January

  • National Day Chocolate Amargo (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Peculiar People (OF. UU.)

11 from January

  • National Day of Hot Toddy (OF. UU.)
  • National Milk Day (OF. UU.)

12 from January

  • National Marzipan Day (OF. UU.)

13 from January

  • National Day Peach Melba (OF. UU.)
  • National Day to realize your dreams (OF. UU.)
  • Madrid Fusion 2020 at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos de Madrid

14 from January

  • National Day of Hot Pastrami (OF. UU.)
  • Orthodox New Year or Old New Year
  • Madrid Fusion 2020 at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos de Madrid

15 from January

  • National Day Strawberry Ice Cream (OF. UU.)
  • Madrid Fusion 2020 at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos de Madrid

16 from January

  • National Day of spicy food and spicy (OF. UU.)
  • National Day of Fig Newtons (OF. UU.)
  • Appreciating day for Dragons (OF. UU.)
  • National Day of Nothing (OF. UU.)
  • International Day of Croqueta

17 from January

  • National Day of Hot Buttered Rum (OF. UU.)
  • Day Break New Year's Resolutions (OF. UU.)

18 from January

  • Anniversary of Lima (Peru)

19 from January

  • National Popcorn Day (OF. UU.)
  • World Snow Day
  • Feast of the Bread and Cheese Zarza de Montánchez (Cáceres, Estremadura)

20 from January

  • Blue Monday (Saddest Day of the Year)
  • National Day Cheese lovers (OF. UU.)
  • National day of Dried Fruit Toffee (OF. UU.)
  • DJ Day
  • Pots XXVIII Contest Railway Reinosa (Cantabria)

21 from January

  • National Day muesli bar (OF. UU.)
  • International Day Embrace
  • Holy Ines
  • Inauguration of the Madrid Gastrofestival

22 from January

  • National Day of Salsa Picante (OF. UU.)
  • National Blonde Brownie Day (OF. UU.)
  • National Day to Celebrate Life (OF. UU.)
  • International Sweatpants Day
  • Plurinational State Day (Bolivia)
  • Gastrofestival Madrid

23 from January

  • National Day Cake (OF. UU.)
  • Rhubarb National Day (OF. UU.)
  • National Day handwriting (OF. UU.)
  • Gastrofestival Madrid

24 from January

  • National Day Peanut Butter (OF. UU.)
  • Global Day belly laugh
  • National Appreciation Day for the beer (OF. UU.)
  • International Education Day
  • Gastrofestival Madrid

25 from January

  • National Coffee Day Irish (OF. UU.)
  • Opposites Day (OF. UU.)
  • Gastrofestival Madrid

26 from January

  • National Day Crunchy Peanut Butter (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Spouse (OF. UU.)
  • Gastrofestival Madrid
  • Bash Calçotada Valls (Tarragona, Catalonia)

27 from January

  • National Day Chocolate Cake (OF. UU.)
  • Annual Memorial Day International Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust
  • World Leprosy Day
  • Gastrofestival Madrid

28 from January

  • National Day pancakes with blueberries (OF. UU.)
  • International Day of the Community Manager
  • European Day of Data Protection
  • Saint Thomas of Aquino
  • Gastrofestival Madrid

29 from January

  • National Day Nachos (OF. UU.)
  • International Day Puzzle
  • Gastrofestival Madrid

30 from January

  • Croissant National Day (OF. UU.)
  • World Day of Non-Violence
  • School Day of Peace and Nonviolence
  • Gastrofestival Madrid
  • Fair Valladolid's Vineyard (Castilla y León)

31 from January

  • Backwards Day (OF. UU.)
  • National Day to Inspire Your Heart with Art (OF. UU.)
  • Gastrofestival Madrid
  • Fair Valladolid's Vineyard (Castilla y León)

#ClubDiegoCoquillat download the schedule in PDF with the best marketing ideas for restaurants:

January 2020: marketing activities calendar for restaurants

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