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Interview with Nicolas Parziale, creator of the first restaurant in the cloud


I share with all my readers this interview / conversation I had a few days ago with Nicolas Parziale, CEO de HoyPido.com, the first project that allows order delivery through a chatbot, or as they call the first restaurant in the cloud.

I suggest that before we go read the article published under the title “The revolution reaches chatbots restaurants”, insurance helps you better understand this interview.

You can hear the next podcast interview or read the transcript that we have made of it.

We started…

Diego Coquillat (DC) – There are many people who do not know what the chatbots. Tell us a little at a general level, What are the chatbots, and tell us your story.

Nicolas Partial (NP) – From a year ago it is being finalized the preparation of the chatbots to give access to everyone. Chatbot before Facebook Messenger already had on platforms like Slack O Telegram. The rumor spread on the Internet that Facebook was going to put up the 12 of April, and as we already had our chatbot developed for Slack, we use it as a test of use, and we prepare for launch on Facebook, which it is the platform with more users worldwide.

So that the day we published this new application Facebook, we came out with the chatbot Facebook Messenger for HoyPido.com. We had everything less developed direct integration.

Facebook allowed us to create something great that is structured messages. That is to say, while Slack, we had a robot that worked only with text, Facebook structured messages allow us to share the day's menu with a slideshow with buttons you can scroll through. This allows you to not have to write so much, and it is the way people want to choose their set menu.

Interview with Nicolas Parziale-CEO of HoyPido.comNow Facebook is poised for a new massiveness, It is like reinventing Internet. WeChat in China, which it is like the Chinese WhatsApp and Google works as it does in the West, It is their way to surf the Internet. Then Facebook Messenger is looking at WeChat in China to create the same game condition: Internet at the end end up going almost everything through Facebook.

DC – Perfect, so that we are facing a new revolution in this digital transformation that is affecting all business sectors both, as personal. It is an artificial intelligence, which it allows us to carry on a conversation as if we were doing it with a person.

I've been commenting for some time that most likely future industry-leading technology companies will be selling hospitality, and I have read some phrase in this sense your. Dime, What is your relationship with the hospitality?

NP – HoyPido.com is the first restaurant in the cloud. And just as Airbnb is the largest hotel in the world without owning any room, O Uber It is the largest transport company without owning any car, US we want to be one of the largest restaurants, without having any kitchen.

We identify primarily as a technology company that today you solve the access to a hot meal when you want in the place you tell us. We are focused on the lunch shift Monday through Friday, with the possibility of agreeing a schedule of delivery at any time. That is to say, you can ask the eight o'clock a dish that would receive three, enters anytime, Tell us what dish you want and what time, and relax until you reach the time that best suit you. That is the convenience.

In the following video you can see how an order is placed in HoyPido.com:

The exponential growth of chatbots

DC – What overall percentage of orders have with the traditional way (call, forms, etc.) against the chatbot?

NP – Most orders go through the app and the web of HoyPido. But the chatbot, it only takes three days, It is arousing curiosity and desire of users. Either to try it, or say things that may not understand, It is fun and novel.

An interesting hypothesis is that one does not want to talk to a chatbot, and feel that is human. But one does want to do it one chatbot it fun, with which you'd take a beer, nice but knowing that it is a machine.

So we try our chatbot has the same language as our customers, they have mostly between 25 Y 40 years. further We wanted it to have personality, he used words I could use. That's why we introduced the typical words spoken porteña, so that one feels is a computer, but a fun computer.

DC – Studies say that by the year 2020, he 80% companies will use the chatbots in customer service. We see exponential growth is, plus replacement of human and people in certain jobs.

What is your reflection on the acceptance of this order system? Do you think that these great players are going to incorporate technology chatbots their business ideas?

NP – I think they're going to have to do, irredeemably. It's like websites ago 5 O 6 years who said they were not going to have an app, many disappeared. Facebook actually went through their worst moments when you get your app resisted until finally eventually remove.

But I think that there is a kind of service that is ideal for chatbots, and are the micro-services, as in the case of HoyPido.com where only there 3 options per day, choose a dish, choose the delivery schedule and where, and that ends your interaction with the platform in the virtual world. Then begins the interaction in the physical world, where there is a very large logistical effort.

What happens to other platforms such as Red Refrigerator or justeat is that there are many different options, too many for an order for chatbot, at least today. There is still no model available that can make it possible to order just how are you platforms are designed with many restaurants to choose from and various dishes on each card it is very complicated ....

To meet this demand you want something quick, Ideally HoyPido, where only there 3 options, the conversation is simple and takes seconds, because it is not more than: "what is today? I want at this time, chao!”.

Companies like PedidosYa and justeat did a great job to digitize the food industry, but in my opinion they only solved the first problem is not having to call the restaurant, but although not call, Internally it's the same. The process is as in 1950: get a ticket from a machine that says what you have to pay, What is your selection, and it is the same as asking by phone. You can not see how close the order, who is bringing, where it goes ... And, With HoyPido.com yes!

Digitization of “Lunch menu” restaurants

DC – We are scanning one of the oldest business models that exist in Spain within the world of hospitality as the "lunch menu". By digitizing this traditional model, you are giving him a virtually global possibilities.

NP – Totally. Something that is interesting to the chatbots is that when you visit a conventional website, no way to tell quickly what you like to do, beyond what they are proposing, while with chatbots the possibilities are limitless.

In the following video you can see an example of how to order food delivery through a chatbot:

DC – I've been reading some things about your team. I'd like you to talk a little about how the environment HoyPido.com.

NP – For me, IM a programmer, since the 12 years, since I had a computer in front. Julieta has a degree in Fine Arts, and Fernando comes from the culinary world. When I lived in California, Juliet and I could see the creation and advancement of apps as SpoonRocket, O Sprig. Because we have the advantage that gives us the power to check the progress of a business and for a year, and its evolution, it was going to happen. We realized that everything would revolve around the mobile phone and the new wave of convenience.

We decided to focus on the subject of food, which by far it is the strongest industry. In Argentina there are also a lot of culture of delivery, and a very strong culture office lunch, which it is an important part of the day. That's when we partner with Fernando, because we had no idea gastronomy. We knew the part of the technology and the product, but no how to interact with the local food industry.

Today we are the first restaurant in the cloud, which it is something that our customers much their attention, but then once you understand how it works and know us, the chatbot is an intrigue that draws them. Our chatbot is the first in Latin America that is approved by Facebook.

With the advent of new users and increased traffic, we decided to incorporate Fabricio, a hacker and programmer star our program has developed internal logistics.

The importance of analysis of Big Data in orders at home

DC – There are two variables that seem exciting. The first, Now that we are able to generate structural conversations, the challenge is to generate conversations not so structured, that is to say, the variability of the conversation is absolutely random.

The second, and closely related to what you comentabas, It is how we can through the bigdata, through this study and the data provided by the client, not to give excellent service, as it is already the case, but anticipate, that is to say, offer things, before he asks us based on traceability throughout what is your order. Do you share some idea of ​​the future?

NP – I share fully and more, I think Facebook is also shared because the legal terms and conditions of the chatbots, It is prohibited when these begin talks have been over 24 hours since the last time the user communicated with him.

But they are testing some new messages are called Sponsor-Messages, O sponsorizados messages that do allow it the company, or chatbot company who initiates the conversation before 24h if you pay. That way you eliminate spam because If a company is going to spend money to make an offer, It will ensure that what is going to offer is what you're looking for.

Comes into play bigdata, MachineLearning and the whole game to learn. Something we came while watching user conversations with the robot was: What message, It is more effective for you to buy me? If I say "How are you, skinny?"It's not the same thing if I say, "Yes sir, what do you need". It is no indisputably one of the two generating more sales than the other and to discover what we have to analyze thousands of conversations and statistics tell me what.

DC – The truth is that I love to talk to you, the passion that you transmit to all your ideas. This is a known issue for most Internet users, and if we get into the world of hospitality, which it is a world with even more traditional components, Many think we are talking about a too distant future, but the truth is that it is something that is there.

I wish you all the luck in the world and you to get all the successes and goals that you have raised, and to see if the project comes to Spain, We will keep in touch.

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