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Entrevista a The Food Trucks Club, street food and gourmet on wheels


A food truck is a conditioned van or truck to sell and produce food. A kind of itinerant restaurant known worldwide, and we almost always associated either ice cream or a fast food like burgers, hotdogs, sandwiches or pizzas.

Nevertheless, since the end of the first decade of the nineteenth century, The chefs, especially US, They have proposed to use these restaurants on wheels to provide all kinds of food, with dishes and food quality.

Of course this trend has been replicated around the world but unfortunately, legislation regarding food trucks is not the same for all countries, And because of that There are cases where progress has been weighed down.

observe how food trucks every day grow in the US and other European cities as London, Germany or Scotland yet, in Spain it seems that the law continues to place “sticks between the wheels”, never better said.

These problems dealing with management are holding back progress and diversification a market niche within the hospitality industry, It is proposing different options and innovative practices to keep pace with the inhabitants of any city.

In the US itself, but Spain do not leave food out on the street

It has been shown that food trucks are able to offer variety of foods around an original concept and with the same or better quality standards a common restaurant. In fact sometimes, food trucks serve as a kind of subsidiary of a restaurant, instead of expanding opening at another location, decides to "set in motion" a menu or part of it.

But unfortunately in Spain, these itinerant cooks, nomadic chefs and bold entrepreneurs who bet on the possibilities that can offer a food truck as a business model, They are forced to be showmen and meat sporting events, concerts and soirees like that, so you do not have it easy: It seems like they were not taken seriously.

Nevertheless, A study by SAP, leading predictive analytics firm, revealed as the ground that food trucks have won not go backwards, since their estimates suggest it will be in 2017 when this segment represented mainly by young entrepreneurs, will have the 50% global consumption.

But, who would come to know what it takes to set up a food truck in Spain? Other countries have emerged communities, groups and associations to advise and share experiences on how to undertake our own adventure in this business. Even we also see specialized companies that offer fully professional services and integrated by experts in the field.

The Food Trucks Club, help those who want to start in business

One of the greatest leaders of the street food in Spain is “The Food Trucks Club”, pioneers in offering information, advice and provide all the tools and resources to get started in business de los food trucks.

The key to its success is provide answers and solutions for all kinds of approaches that have to do with design, production and development of a “itinerant restaurant”.

Between his services We find advice, search for historic vehicles and their adaptation, design of new vehicles, changes or remodeling, Made, tests rental business, homologation, etc. But also, They have experts in legal advice, marketing, catering, insurance, organization, realization and event coverage, etc… Comprehensive support, for anyone who wants to jump into the pool with adventure.

To publicize the work of The Food Trucks Club a little more we interviewed Antonio Larrea, the visible head of the project and someone who has invested his passion for marketing and cooking in creating different service sector companies within the hospitality (catering y personal) where professionally and takes over 20 years.

He started as a waiter and served in the best houses Madrid. His great fondness for cars made its vehicle import business led him to know the market like few. After, next to Felix Herrera formed this club dedicated to food trucks. As we know its panorama view, We leave you with this interview where we chatted with him about the current situation of food trucks and forecasts for the future:

Interview with Antonio Larrea, de The Food Trucks Club

J.B – festivals, Fairs, festivals and markets ... why are not we seeing more food trucks on the streets of our cities?

A.L – On the one hand Spain has too few cities that are prepared for such action. If for the implementation of the food truck you need light or water, usually there are no such points in almost none of the Spanish cities.

If the food truck is autonomous, that many are, municipalities do not grant licenses unless you sell ice cream, chestnuts or hotcakes. Much has to do conventional hospitality associations, They are mediating for which such licenses are not granted. How do they do that? That's already another story. Add also that we have a year without stable government in this country. From our point of view, It is unfortunate for all purposes.

J.B – We have seen how food trucks were developed in the US and other European cities, Nevertheless, in Spain it seems that the law remains, as it has already been said and written: "A stick between your wheels" ... What are finding problems to deal with management?

A.L – Slam after another, obstacles where there are none. We always try to work on private land for this reason, where the city council has full power.

J.B – Any solution is clear in the near future?

A.L – The truth is that, by issues like misrule that currently governs the country, I know, no one is able to give us information of any kind.

J.B – You can enjoy gourmet street food?

A.L – Definitely. We would say a 10% the domestic market offers this product. It is more expensive too, you have to think about this, and at this time we have gone from "crisis" people have measured and measured every penny.

Because, a food truck we strive so you can find absolutely fabulous dining experiences, and much more "close at hand".

J.B –How important is the presence and RRSS food trucks?

A.L – The same as in any other company, that is to say, lot. Today those who are not on social networks, It is not nobody. It's as if it never existed. To expand your message to a much wider audience, It is essential and that way, every action you take out much more impact Consigua.

What steps should I follow someone interested in setting up a food truck, or restaurant wants to have a version of "mobile and on wheels"?

A.L – We offer comprehensive consulting for all types of customers, We are factory, we have several workshops of different activities, We rent and sell our fleet. It is a service 360 ​​and within reach of every budget.

J.B –¿Of the hospitality industry in Spain, Are foodtrucks competence or allies?

A.L – From our point of view neither one thing nor the other, It is a new gastronomic stream, in this case, on wheels. It is a complement to the hotel ... which unfortunately for us it works in almost everyone but in our country.

J.B –What are your plans for the future?

A.L – Keep working hard and quality on all fronts that have open.

Los food truck: A rising trend that Spain should take advantage

It has been shown that food trucks They are a perfect alternative as an expansion strategy because they offer several advantages, as much freedom of movement to choose from the menu. You can innovate and try different things, as you go customers find in each place.

One way for restaurants to try new ways to grow, to enable their business reach more customers in a physical form.

If anything is clear, is that as you grow the world's food trucks, sophisticated supply will leave and new ideas emerge. For all we must associate this type of rolling restaurants with easy and fast foods as snacks, dogs or hamburgers exclusively.

Let us hope that in the not too distant future, the situation normalizes in Spain, Y we can see flourish the world of food trucks within the hospitality industry of our country.

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