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6 you should not make mistakes in your restaurant


Currently, there are a lot of restaurants do not really know how to approach the new demands of customers and the market. Whether the type of food that is, If efforts are not made correctly, failure is a reality that is just around the corner.

further, the decisive factor for a customer to go to one place or another in many cases it is in the small details. Either by treatment of employees with customers, products are offered there and of course the price.

Thus, We have compiled the six most common mistakes made in restaurants and it is very important to try to solve them from the beginning.

Common errors in a restaurant

1. Choosing a location without hook

The location is one of the most important factors to consider when setting up a restaurant. Many times, This decision is taken lightly and it is a grave error, as you can get to be at a place with difficult access, in which there is not much movement of people or even in a place where there is no purchasing power and therefore, not much eating out of home.

2. Poor investment in products

a previous study on the products selected to become part of our menu must always make, well They must be matched to the type of audience that our business is conducted. To which we refer in this section is that if a restaurant is opened very high prices, in an area where public revenues are not high closeness, it will be committing a major error.

3. insufficient or incorrect customer service

If there is charisma and a positive attitude in hospitality business, and professional service, this will be able to attract a much larger amount of public. On the contrary, the infamous run like wildfire and this will be a major problem for business.

4. Wrong business management

Is to have a strategic business vision and efficiently manage all the resources that are held. Proper administration of the resources of a restaurant is a need for future business sustainability pillar. Is very important to make a good forecast resource requirements short, medium and long term.

5. Neglecting online reputation

Currently a lot of restaurants have a presence online, it is something that is on the agenda. For example: the social networks, through these the restaurant can be released. further, having an online platform you can manage another set of factors, as reserves. Professional management of comments, reviews and customers on major Internet portals Today it is essential for the smooth running of a business.

6.- Untrained staff

It is very important that staff know who is hired handled within this business and have the skills required to perform all tasks. We insist once again, in the importance the constant training of employees hospitality.

With this compilation of the major mistakes made in the restaurants we intend to become aware of the importance it poses to the smooth running of a business Hospitality management, control and monitoring some fundamental pillars of business.

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