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Is a lie that there is a global crisis in the restaurant industry


One of the most important publications is the United States, the NRN (Nation´s Restaurant News), was this week the results of an interesting survey of more 150 Restaurants will comment on different items.

But I want to start with a question that seems vital to understand the current situation of the restaurant industry in an international context and the new cycle that this sector will face.

The question that was performed restaurants : What is your perspective staffing for the year 2012?

Here's the result :

The data speak for themselves, a 38%, more than a third, restaurants of respondents say they will hire more staff during the year 2012, a 51% They will maintain levels 2011 and only 11% will reduce its employees in the new year.

It is very significant to observe the situation in the restaurant industry in the United States, with a 89% restaurants respondents stating that they will maintain or increase its workforce in the 2012.

Es indudable que si realizáramos en este momento esta misma pregunta en algunos países europeos y en concreto en España, the answer is quite pessimistic, very different from the data obtained in the United States.

This causes a reflection that I want to share with all of you and is actually feeling or crisis mentality, Unlike some years ago or what some, It is no longer globalized, or at least in some sectors.

It is true that there is a widespread crisis in the world and that no activity and employment generated, and it is why the solutions or measures to be taken are no longer global, They are particular to each country and each sector, Although it is clear that the international environment influences, but also for good.

The differences will be abysmal among those countries that are able to take appropriate measures to assist and promote this industry measures, against those countries that do not take them or take them to a late form or wrong, notablemete affecting the entire economy, because we must not forget that one of the main generators engines service, actividad y de empleo en el mundo es la hostelería, in Spain over 6% of the Schedule (Gross Domestic Product).

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