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social listening for restaurants: the definitive guide


Social networks are a surprisingly fruitful space for restaurants. Unlike most industries, restaurants do not need to make a great effort to create content in social networks. People love to talk about food and drink, point out what places visit at that time with friends and take pictures of the dishes. According to a report Brandwatch, up 32% of all mentions brand in the UK focus on food and beverage industry.

Can you imagine all the opportunities available to restaurants through social listening? Some brands take advantage of these opportunities to the fullest. Examples of social listening campaigns and most successful social networks often come from restaurants, and so it follows from Studies on Taco Bell Y Starbucks. And yet, not all restaurants are the possibilities offered by social listening: Brandwatch results show that only he 46% Chain restaurants, the most active in social networks, tagged respond to complaints, and the 38% to praise labeled.

Mentions untagged often go unnoticed. This has to change. In this publication, we will see an active social listening can help restaurants with a wide range of business objectives: brand recognition, customer service, lead generation and even market research.

Are you about to open a restaurant? The first step should be research, even before opening, as through social listening you get additional benefits. But do not worry, Nor are late to the party of social listening if your restaurant has been around for the last ten years on the market.

Must know and understand the market, problems and desires with your prospects, to thereby meet their needs. Monitoring tool in social networking Awario, the Awario Leads module allows you to research the industry and draw conclusions, It is programmed to find people looking for a restaurant like yours. All you have to do is create an alert for a set of keywords as, for example, “restaurant madrid”, “restaurants madrid”, “Madrid eating out”, “Madrid eating out” , “restaurante food”, “restaurantes food”, “eating out mad” “eating out mad”, can even add your main competitors to the list.

The tool will search social networking platforms, news, blogs and forums using the keywords you've written, as well as your own views to provide information on what kind of restaurant people search, what they do not like about your competitors, If you enjoy at restaurants in your city to those who come and those in which no.

Does your restaurant is already running?

Steps to follow:

1. Listen to your customers

If your restaurant already exists, and you have decided to create a social listening strategy, the first thing that It is you must focus on the customer.

The customer is not the only objective is social listening, but it is the most widespread and beneficial for your purposes. To start, Create an alert Awario with the name of your restaurant (including possible abbreviations and misspellings). Indicates the language and location, specifies the negative keywords if the name of your restaurant is common, and so on.

Here you will find the complete guide on creating a perfect social networking alert. Soon you will begin to receive mentions of people who have said something about your brand in real time. make every effort to respond to complaints, questions and praise while watching mentions. If you do not know how to speak to the online audience (is not easy!), query this guide on customer service.

2. Find new customers

Active listening of social networking is not used all that it should to find new customers, and it's a shame. Awario Leads It makes finding new customers through social networks (a practice called social sale) it is easy and straightforward. You only have to enter the same set of keywords that you used for market research. Your search will be filled with people looking for a restaurant like yours, either an authentic Asian food place, or vegan restaurant, or even a place to celebrate a birthday party.

Find references that indicate that your restaurant and a Twitter user match, It has great value. Replying to a comment with an invitation or even at a discount, not only will bring a new customer, but also attract some of his friends and followers, and increase brand awareness for the restaurant.

3. Monitors trends

Create alert to see what people say about the restaurants in your area: What do you like, what they dislike or who miss. No need for that Awario Leads: a simple alert with the keywords that best describe your restaurant (for example, “restaurant madrid”, “excellent restaurant madrid”) will serve.

No matter how well you know your industry, it is useful to listen to people talk about it, especially if they do it as often as in restaurants. You'll meet current trends, the complaints or current shortcomings of your target audience, the problems that face competitors. It may not be your top priority if your restaurant is already underway for some time, but after all, You can never know too much about a customer.

4. Observe the result of your campaigns

Very often, Restaurants introduce new dishes, new menus or launch a marketing campaign. It can be quite difficult to understand the reaction of the people: Was it a good or bad idea? Did the expected effect or not? Is the hype is positive or negative? Any chance you offend your audience somehow?.

Internet monitoring reaction to changes or developments in your restaurant can be valuable and even necessary. It will help prevent a crisis in social networks if you run that risk, you can witness the general reaction and feed it back. This is done with the sentiment analysis: dividing the analysis mentions positive, negative and neutral, and it allows you to see the frequency of each tone.

For example, when McDonald's launched its breakfast all day, People were very pleased, and they knew right away: the feeling that measured around the brand received a welcome boost immediately. It was the surest way of saying they are going in the right direction with this idea. At the same time, there were a considerable number of failed cases, social listening and could have been avoided.

5. Find influencers

Influencers marketing is on the rise. People become popular in social networks, disseminate ideas in social networks, They promote places and lead others to know restaurants, to experience new experiences and entertainment, lifestyles, etc. One of the best practices in marketing on social networks is to find those people, establish relationships with them and / or pay them, popularize and make your restaurant or business.

Social listening makes it easy to find these people. in Awario, You can get a list of influencers (People have mentioned your restaurant) sorted by number of followers, and a list of influencers in the restaurant industry in general . practical guidance on how find the best influencers for your restaurant.


There are some industries that do a social listening would not be too painful (for example, toilet paper?). The restaurant business is not one of them. People share their ideas, thoughts and feelings through digital channels very often. And just think of all Instagram photos on food! You not want to miss the chance to bring this kind of buzz. So go ahead, It begins with social listening and see where it takes you.

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