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Spain gastronomy is what the automotive Germany, but we can not sell


I had to say is that if I do not bust: Spaniards know not sell our gastronomy! When people ask me that from abroad: “Where are you from?”, always three constants are repeated after my response: I speak football, tourism and gastronomy.

We are perceived by potential and quality in these three fields. And this is normal, because we have one of the best leagues in the world, we are the third country worldwide that receives more tourists. And in gastronomy? What are you going lords us with food?

I'm not talking about haute cuisine, or Michelin stars. I'm talking about how hard it is to find a good Spanish restaurant when you go abroad. What part of the world you can not eat pizza, a spring roll or hamburger? There are countries which have failed to exploit and sell its gastronomy.

Exporting the Spanish culinary model

Part of this success is that in Italy were able to simplify their kitchen through the pizzas. Like the sushi in Japan. They have known sell a simple and adaptable product to different tastes and cultures. Which in Spanish cuisine it is more difficult to be more elaborate.

We have much to teach the world, but finished not find the perfect recipe.

I think that we are being a source of immense escaping an income that. Because it is clear that gastronomy in Spain is a strong pillar and its quality is indisputable. But if that is so Why not strive to export this business model to every corner of the planet? If Germany is distinguished in the automotive industry, or China's manufacturing world, instead of trying to copy the neighbor. Why we not highlight being a world power gastronomically speaking?

The lid Flag

Ferrán Adrià A few years ago I commented that the covers are the most exportable product that had the Spanish cuisine and I think very successful. The goal should be to create a consistent and coherent strategy to forward marketing through the way we live cover, a way of understanding life, alegría y nuestro buen rollo. También que los jóvenes Spanish entrepreneurs are released abroad with such projects.

In this way we would be able to create a lot of value and wealth. further, that Spain would further understand the concept and increase the desire to come to know. It would be very beneficial.

In New York there are more Japanese restaurants in Europe European and Indian cuisine, Italian or Thai is much more widespread and better distributed than Spanish. Currently I live very close to London, and even being one of the world capitals of gastronomy, It costs a bit to find a good Spanish restaurant.

If I ask some good English friend they recognize me it's not easy to find. With questions you cite one of several restaurants "Mediterranean" where mixed cuisine from several countries. They are using the pull of our kitchen.

Especially when in England or Germany all restaurants are packed with good chef and waiters Spaniards who have emigrated there. I think it's time for young entrepreneurs to start such projects. I see it as a great opportunity to create true value, not only for entrepreneurs but restoration themselves It would be a perfect way that other Spanish companies are launched abroad. We are multiplying percent tapas restaurants abroad. How would increase the consumption of ham or olive oil?

University gastronomy

A few days ago you are commenting all this Diego Coquillat, I left a gem not want to miss: "I think the great opportunity, not being lost both product, but knowledge, We should be the country to form, both management and gastronomy, the rest of the world, and I think this really an opportunity we should not miss, University become the world culinary level”. Something that seems flatly true while bright, an incredible opportunity to create value in the world.

In conclusion, I think we have a great opportunity for young entrepreneurs abroad exporting our way to be in the form of food. I think the world is suing us that we bring them a little piece of Spain and we can do it in several ways. But either way, we have to use it.

It would also be very useful for me and while I rejoice the day if I could hear your vision in the form of commentary on everything about this fascinating subject.

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  1. Muy interesante el artículo y las ideas que expones. Si vives cerca de Londres y algún día quieres hacer una escapada a Southampton, te recomiendo que visites el restauranteTapas Barcelona”, donde sí están intentando exportar este tipo de producto tan español.

    • Ana muchas gracias por leerme y por tu feedback. Era algo que tenía dentro desde que salí de España y lo tenia que soltar. Afortunadamente también tenemos buenos ejemplos como estoy seguro el que me indicas. Creeme que no tardaré en pasar por allí.

  2. Algunas aclaraciones de fondo:
    1. En rigor los productos que se pueden exportar son los envasados y España tiene varios productos estrella (wines, liquor, confites y hasta lechones).
    2. Adriá tiene razón, las tapas son un producto posible de internacionalizar, en el entendido de que son sencillas y se comen con la mano, al igual que los otros productos mencionados.
    3. Se ha intentado exportar en modelo formativo con escaso éxito, recientemente acaba de fracasar en Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, el Centro de Hostelería del Mediterráneo, de matriz española. A nuestro juicio el problema está en el ajuste financiero entre los que ganan en euros (profesores) y los que ganan en pesos (estudiantes).
    4. La gastronomía española está asociada a un estilo de vida en el cual se prefiere comer fuera que en casa, lo cual no ocurre en todas las latitudes.

    • Diego Coquillat

      Gracias Mario por tus aclaraciones en un tema como el que trata el artículo siempre son muy interesantes los diferentes puntos de vista. Respecto a la formación no sería tanto exportar como consolidar un modelo de formación nacional que convirtiera a España en el país de destino de cualquiera que quisiera cursar los mejores estudios del mundo en las diferentes áreas relaciondas con la gastronomía.

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