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Social networking strategies for restaurants : 4food case


A few months ago, In New York, a restaurant chain you are using strategies opened SMR (Social Media Restauranting) in a very interesting way, I'll discuss in this post.

Social networks for restaurants

The restaurants in question are called 4Food, and its cuisine is characterized by not using saturated fats, preservatives or colorings. Its most famous dish is a kind of hamburger that has a hole in the middle, tipo Donut.

But what interested me most about this restaurant is the firm commitment made by social networks.

On one side, the restaurant allows its customers to their food orders via twitter. The waiters wear iPads where the requested order appears and pass them to the kitchen. To promote this service in the restaurant there is a huge screen where it is showing Time Line of the twitter account @ 4food

Moreover customers can make combinations with the different ingredients that supply the restaurant at the online store you have in your web. To name their creations and disseminate through social networks primarily twitter, facebook Y foursquare. The most successful dishes will be rewarded with bonuses that can be redeemed for food in the restaurant.

10 are the conclusions I draw on this strategy SMR (Social Media Restauranting):

1.- Encourage the use of social networks for the benefit of your business and its customers, expanding the possibilities of service and product.

2.- Their strategy has a direct impact on the income statement, because it is a new sales channel that competes with traditional channels.

3.- Involve restaurant patrons getting involved in menu creation or product.

4.- Brand values ​​released to the market that impact positively on the image of the same.

5.- Own restaurant customers are those that are generating active dialogue on social networks, Speaking of the restaurant differentiating values ​​and converting advertising content and creating a credible message.

6.- Create a different experience around a restaurant, that does not end the moment you leave the restaurant, since that experience later moved to social networks, starting the cycle for other customers that can be captured by that content.

7 .- Put the customer at the center of business, giving it a prominence and “voice”. They are building a community of loyal users to expand the brand values.

8.- Get competitive differentiators elements, that make the restaurant a much more sustainable business in the future only if it is based on competitive pricing strategies, I created a niche business in a super-saturated market in USA, businesses are better able to withstand times of crisis like the present.

9.- It is a strategy SMR (Social Media Restauranting) cockroach, It does not require a lot of resources. Staff training and professional use of social networks already created.

10.- They get, which to me represents the challenge of social networks, the total integration of 2.0 with the 1.0. Online strategies that directly affect the traditional business. Let us not forget that in the end the customer his sandwich or burger eating

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