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Study on how customers use mobile phone in a restaurant


Is a reality that increasingly smartphones or smart phones are present in restaurants across the different uses that give customers, ranging from finding the restaurant we will go, share your expertise with others, to write a review, criticism or recommendation that restaurant.

Restaurant owners are accustomed to listening to our customers say : “…wait, wait!, do not touch the plate I'll take a picture…” and share this content with your community of followers through different social networks.

A few months ago regarding this issue published the post “How mobile and Apps will influence Restaurants“, and today I want to show another infographic has made an American company called Lab42 and it offers some very interesting data to draw conclusions about the trend in this regard is beginning to manifest in the restaurant industry.

First of all I want to make clear that I do not know the origin of the data and the reliability thereof.

As I always do with infographics I have “I chopped” to analyze the parts that I consider more interesting and that happened to comment :

1º.- Information on the Internet is becoming more accessible as the 95% of respondents use their smartphone before heading out to lunch or dinner.

2º.- The main reasons why respondents use their smartphone before going to a restaurant are:

  • He 20% It communicates through them to make plans for lunch or dinner.
  • He 19% I used to find a restaurant you like it.
  • He 18% use it to view information about the menu or menu and various dishes and drinks that have the restaurant.
  • He 18% I used to find the address of the restaurant.

3º.- The next thing seems very relevant, It is one of the pillars of SMR(Social Media Restauranting), the online reputation of companies, and is the 85% of respondents rely more on online comments from other diners that feedback from professionals or our own content portals websites… amazing, true?

4º.- The main uses that diners give your smartphone during their lunch or dinner are :

  • He 24% They use it to take pictures.
  • He 19% publish an update on their Facebook.
  • He 18% make check-in at the restaurant with applications Foursquare.
  • He 13% looking for places to go after the restaurant, of these, he 70% they are men.

5º.- The main reasons for using their smartphone after visiting the restaurant are :

  • He 22% publish an update on their Facebook.
  • He 22% to find directions to go home.
  • He 14% They use it to post photos.
  • He 10% no usa su smartphone.

6º.- Regarding other aspects are like the frequency of use, the importance given and the time when most use their smartphone, respondents say :

  • He 23% They use it every time or almost every time you eat or dinner out.
  • He 49% He thinks your smartphone is a somewhat important or very important element in your experience in the restaurant.
  • He 70% uses more at dinner than any other meal of the day.

7º.- Lastly, it refers to some of the respondents' favorite mobile applications., as they are Groupon, Yelp, OpenTable, UrbanSpoon, Instagram, FoodSpotting…


My conclusions to this study are :

Undoubtedly we can no longer choose whether our customers will share content related to our restaurant or our business, this issue is so last century, It is something the client unilaterally ago, further decides the format, the channel, the message,…The customer has the power!

The smartphone have given this whole environment full accessibility and immediacy, an hour later is too late, the user searches real time, not only want to share their experience, also you want to share something amazing, “the moment”, giving it a unique value, Personal and authentic to their message that differentiates it from any other.

I'm sure we could get into disagreements over data, if we think the study is conducted in the US, for example against, that same study in Europe or anywhere in the world where the percentage of smartphone penetration is not so high. What matters to me is not the accuracy of the percentages, I care about the essence of the message that emerges from these data and the reality that every day we live, a growing trend in restaurants in the use of smartphones, before, during and after by our customers.

This aspect must give pause to the restaurant industry, You should not turn away, a vital content for the sustainability of any business, Or is there something more important than knowing your customers are saying about your business?. It is a wonderful opportunity that technology offers us to change, to get better, maximize, adapt and grow.

Online reputation is becoming the most effective strategy to build loyalty and attract new customers, a variable as I have shown in this blog is directly influencing the bottom line of restaurants.

The growth of smartphones and applications is unstoppable, every day thousands of new users access to this technology, each time content sharing is more social and more influential…Have you ever wondered how it will affect your restaurant or your business?

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