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Study on the impact of technology in restaurants 2015


No doubt at this point that technology is increasingly present in restaurants. It is an essential element in managing both large hospitality chains, as in small restaurants and even food trucks or food trucks.

Today I share with all my readers a study has been carried out Toast Inc., one of the leading portals selling hardware and software for restaurants in the United States, and certainly, a few days ago it has succeeded in an investment round 30 million dollars to finance the project reports the portal Techrunch.

The aim of this study is to determine the real impact that technology has had selling point in the restaurant industry during the year 2015. For it conducted a survey with more than nine questions 300 people who work directly in the industry in various positions of responsibility.

Results of the survey on the impact of technology in restaurants

1.- What is the biggest challenge for the restaurant?

technological challenge for restaurants

The three main challenges that restaurant owners face in America are: hiring and training of staff, the speed increase in sales and improved profit margin.

It manifested again one of the most universal problems in restaurants, how is the staff training, mainly caused by high employee turnover there in the sector worldwide.

2.- What technology are you using to manage Restaurant?

The TPV are the most commonly used technology restaurants

A vast majority of restaurants and They are using a POS system or POS technology for day to day management of your restaurant, namely a 71%. Surprised that a 21% continue to use the cash register or pen and paper, and only 6% a system tailored.

A curious fact was extracted from this question is that owners food trucks who responded to this survey did almost a percentage equal. That is to say, he 38% uses a POS system, he 31% uses pen and paper and 31% uses a cash register, it appears that the implementation of technology in this niche market has not yet been carried out.

3.- What would be the main reason for replacing the system you use currently in restaurant management?

Main reasons for changing technology

There are different reasons why restaurateurs change their current system, but mainly highlights incorporating advanced features and ease of use.

The restaurant owners are demanding making new functionalities but while this process is very simple, easily usable. According to the survey medium sized restaurants replied that his main reason for change is that everything is more integrated and have better support from companies that provide these POS systems.

4.- What it is the most important technological feature for the restaurant?

Efficiency is the most important technology in a restaurant

Hoteliers chose a 39% efficiency as the fundamental element that should bring them technology. They want efficient technology for the restaurant, allow them to work quickly and easily, and that really helps them optimize their day to day in the restaurant.

Another important event is customization, a 16% of respondents considered an important element that technology should adapt to different ways of working that exist in restaurants.

Surprising that security is not a major element, although this percentage is reasonably increased on responses from owners of restaurants that do consider it as something important.

5.- How would you like to receive updates technological system?

Restaurants prefer to receive email updates

It seems that here still reigns the old system updates by email since the 69% of respondents say they prefer to receive updates from your POS system via this channel system.

It is clear that email is enshrined as the best form of communication with the owners of the restaurants in the area technological, but honestly with the amount of emails we receive, every time I put more into question.

6.- How often do you look at business metrics?

Sometimes a restaurant reviewing economic data

Most restaurant operators look at economic reports every day either through their POS or through Excel spreadsheets. Almost half diarimante known economic operation of your restaurant.

The owners of nightclubs and bars, by type of business, review these data once a week, and medium-sized restaurants, once a month.

7.- How many technology providers are currently paying?

Number of technology providers who pays a restaurant

This is a particularly interesting tidbit, since I have the certainty that has changed very significantly in recent years. According to the survey half of the restaurants They are paying 2 a 5 technology providers nowadays. These include the POS software, system sales orders food delivery, a loyalty program, control digital reputation, online music, etc.

In countries like Spain, payment for services of technology in the hospitality industry remains one of the great barriers that many of the suppliers are to implement their technology in the sector proposals. Not so much the amount to be paid, the fact of paying for digital services that can supposedly be found for free or do not have a supply of clear value to the restaurant owner. It seems that this trend may be changing view of these data.

8.- When you approach technology upgrade Restaurant?

Time to upgrade technology in a restaurant

a majority, namely a 73% owners of restaurants, they are considering updating its technological system in the period of one year. The reasons that generate higher rejection updating digital systems are, On one side, the high cost that these represent and, for other, training time and adaptation to be set aside for digital systems are efficient and make a real help for the restaurant.

9.- What are the main features you need your POS system?

TPV features a restaurant must provide a

These data can vary greatly depending on market characteristics of each country. In the United States it seems that the main concern of restaurant operators face the usefulness of their POS systems is inventory management, It is reinforcing the idea of ​​the importance of properly managing the costs of the restaurant in search of higher returns or margins.

Another fact that I find quite remarkable is the enormous importance that the digital management order food delivery has already, It is the second most important feature on the needs of restaurant owners.

In short and as I said at the beginning of this article, nobody doubts the importance of using technology in the restaurant industry. Restaurateurs looking for efficient systems to help them and provide them the day of his restaurant day and it seems that increasingly are willing to pay for those that guarantee this efficiency.

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