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Excellent health of the restoration in Barcelona, according advisor and ElTenedor


Barcelona enjoys excellent health in the catering sector. This follows the report TripAdvisor Y ElTenedor They have presented, in collaboration with the Barcelona Restaurant Association, where they have presented the results of his latest study ‘Sector trends Restoration in Barcelona ', based on traffic data, average ratings and reservations both companies.

The presentation of the report coincides with the annual announcement of the winners of Certificates of Excellence 2018 by TripAdvisor, celebrating excellence in tourism and grants accommodations, restaurants and experiences who consistently they achieve outstanding traveler reviews on TripAdvisor.

In this eighth year of the campaign, Barcelona has earned a total of 2.403 awards, 1.578 from them (a 66%) granted to Restaurants. In fact, has been the Spanish city most awarded in the category of restoration.

Travelers give marks to Barcelona

The study findings confirm the excellent health enjoyed by the sector of the restoration of the old city, with a average score of their restaurants 2018 from 4.10 on 5 TripAdvisor. In fact, the average score given by travelers to the gastronomic establishments in the city better every year 0,25% middle, without this tendency it has been affected by the terrible attacks of August 2017 or political instability.

Travelers who best value restaurants in Barcelona are the Hungarian tourists, with a 4.44, and Australian, with a 4.42. Also they scored with outstanding other nationalities as Canadians (4.30), British (4.25), German (4.22), French the Italians (both with a 4.11).

Spanish travelers have also been impressed by the Catalans restaurants, granting them a score of 4.10, surpassing the valuation of other markedly tourist cities like Madrid (3.96), Sevilla (4.06), Granada (4.07) or San Sebastian (4.09). And it is clear that, increasingly, Gastronomy is a great tourist attraction for the city of Barcelona.

According to TripAdvisor, the percentage of page views of Barcelona restaurants grows +7.6% annual, while visits to the sites of attractions and experiences in the city grew +0.1% Annual and accommodation fell by -7.8%.

The intuitive use of both TripAdvisor app ElTenedor as tourists facilitate easy and comfortable reservation at a restaurant. In just a few clicks and avoiding unnecessary delays and uncomfortable call to a restaurant, in many cases, speak the same language as the traveler.

The online restaurant reservations grew 34%

During the past year online restaurant reservations grew 34% in Barcelona and during the first quarter of 2018 near a 25%, observing a high rate of recurrence customers, data according ElTenedor.

Neighborhoods like Eixample are digitally grow and position themselves at the head of the areas where most online restaurant reservations are made, with a 44% bookings made in 2017. If we talk about key days for the sector, the day of Sant Jordi and Valentine are the busiest days of diners.

Autochthonous and an average ticket 29 euros, the defendant

Regarding the trends that are shaping consumption, the most consumed ticket is in the 29 euros while Favorite cuisine locals and tourists in the area remains the Mediterranean, closely followed by Japanese. Saturday dinners are still the favorites to enjoy a restaurant, but yes reservations are still made with short notice, between 24 Y 2 hours before, as reflected in the data ElTenedor.

Definitely, the market is constantly evolving and digitization also noticeable in consumption restaurants. He 70% reserves You are receiving ElTenedor they are made through mobile devices, a good sign that the market is increasingly mobile. mobile users and more online users than ever are reported before booking a restaurant.

A recent study reveals that ElTenedor 75% users see the opinions of other customers before booking a restaurant, a 45% states that are crucial for them and 60% It confirms that often share their dining experiences leaving an opinion.

An increasingly digital sector

Faced with such digital consumer behavior, restaurants have more reason than ever to be digitized and be where your customers are. According to ElTenedor, the restaurants currently receive 40% their reservations via online, a 90% features profiles on social networks and 45% They claim to have its own website, all channels through which reach new customers.

These changes are left also felt in the labor market that demands professionals with digital knowledge and own hotel schools that have incorporated new technologies and managing their training plans online.

With the Restaurant Association to promote the restoration

Precisely, to continue promoting the sector and the digitization among restaurants, TripAdvisor ElTenedor and have reached an agreement with the Guild which will be a boost for the hotel industry of the city. Marcos Alves, CEO of ElTenedor, He stressed: "This agreement between ElTenedor and Gremi is a great opportunity to continue investing in digitization in the catering sector and continue to drive together gastronomy in Barcelona, considered a benchmark city in the sector ".

This agreement aims promote the digitization and training of professionals in this area. For it, will launch in classroom training new technologies, Online Reputation and other disciplines allowing step further in this direction.

Sally Davey, Global Director of Industry Relations TripAdvisor has explained that "We are delighted with this new line of collaboration with the Gremi de Restauració and the results of the analysis show that Barcelona remains one of the world capitals of gastronomy“.

The sector is a reality, and both the Guild and TripAdvisor ElTenedor and restaurants want to help adapt to changing times. Listen to the sector, analyzing their problems and implement measures to foster the development of the industry, are some of the premises of this partnership which highlights the important role played by institutions such as the Gremi and companies like TripAdvisor and ElTenedor in the development of the catering industry.

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