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ExpoHip 2020 reformulates the future of hospitality


The Spanish hospitality has enough reasons to go between 24 and the 26 February at the Pavilion 14 Ifema – Madrid, and given appointment during these three days in the #EXPOHIP2020, the largest international congress of trends and new concepts Horeca.

Hospitality 4.0 Congress, It is the most important event in the areas of innovation, technology, transformation and business models for the hospitality industry and restoring Spain.

Thus, we want you to know the key factors that you can not miss and do, Besides, unique in Europe:

  • 10 simultaneous auditoriums
  • 20 summits specific to each professional profile
  • 250 Capsules of innovation
  • 450 national and international experts
  • 30.000 visitors

HIP It offers the largest exhibition of products, solutions and concepts 6 discrete areas of innovation with more than 500 Exhibiting brands in Food & Beverage Solutions, Digital World, Smart Kitchens & Equipment, New Concepts & Franchises, Design & Experience, y Food on Demand.

Browse the aisles, with the stands and converse with exhibitors and sponsors, It is the best way to get information and knowledge of the latest trends in the sector.

HIP says 2020 It will be the year of reformulating the hotel. Bajo el lema ‘Are you ready to (Re)formulate the future?’, the fourth edition of Hospitality 4.0 Congress will bring together more than 450 worldclass experts at a conference become Knowledge Lab in innovation, the sustainability, the role of people in the future of the sector and, Of course, digital transformation, the drivelines be.

Through papers, round tables and debates, Congress will define the 9 formulas applied to Horeca innovation and provide the tools to deal with security sector objectives: sustainability, Excellence, Differentiation, Personalization, Fidelity, Profitability and Scalability.

1.- Summit Management Management and Sala

Congress has added four new this year that enrich and update your calendar with the latest trends such as Distribution Summit, Congress Unit and Health, and the Address Summit Room, the latter with the participation of leading experts from the sector will speak, among other topics, on the revolution of the room; the direction of the room as the focus on the customer experience, processes and innovative services in the new room service, building sustainable equipment and its challenges.

2.- Food Service Robotic Pioneers, the latest in robotics.

It will allow chefs and restaurants to discover the potential of the robotics, through a pop-up ephemeral of what a restaurant with various automation collaborative and show-cooking with robots in collaboration with 'human' chefs.

3.- The USA Agenda: industry leaders internationally.

A space in which gurus American show business opportunities models most disruptive success are succeeding in North America. 10 experts will share and discuss the position of the US industry to meet the challenges of the next decade: how they will market models and operations beyond 2020 where innovation, human leadership and corporate culture will be key to the transformation of the sector.

4.-Make networking and rub shoulders with the best professionals and companies in the sector

In the Digital Gastronomy & Hospitality Startup Forum –by LABe – Digital Gastronomy Lab- showcase and synergies and networking space formed by business leaders in the sector, potential partners, investors and young entrepreneurs, Disruptive you can find projects that impact the back-office and front-office of gastronomy and hospitality of the future, Big Data technologies such as, Artificial intelligence, Analytical data, IoT, Robotics and new equipment, Automation, 3D printing without food, block Chain, Mixed realities, etc.

Likewise, If you have innovative solutions, You can present your project in front of the main leading companies in the sector, potential partners and investors specialized.

On the other hand, at Horeca Talent Marketplace, professionals will have the opportunity to discover employment opportunities and labor projection groups most successful restoration time, and companies will have the opportunity to meet talented professionals with expertise in different areas of the Horeca sector interested in your business and career development opportunities that offer.

Discover in the marketplace HIP your project, profiles qualified professionals and schedule interviews with potential B2C most qualified candidat @ s.

5.- Meet new concepts of business models Horeca

At New Concepts & Franchises Stage, in spaces Bar ideas or during the sessions of the Culinary Action will be presented, among others, the room-dining concepts, providing information to the highest level on the delivery business oriented dark kitchens and future opportunity.

You can participate in discussions about where the hospitality sector in the coming years will not only about what they do and what sense are the dark kitchen profitability and business development; but also, updated analysis on innovation and food tech, and other strategic concepts of the giants of Spanish industry, share and convey the concerns and movements that are currently produced in the hospitality industry through different business models presenting duels opposing strategic concepts based products (vegan, vegatariana, meats), analyze business models of interest in new areas beyond traditional restaurants (coworkings, fairgrounds, seasons, airports, events, ... transport areas.), and pose new challenges to changes in consumption.

6.-Hotel Trends, the annual summit of innovation for the hotel sector

Generation experiences, technology and environmental sustainability, both construction and operations, they are becoming key requirements for both investors and consumers.

In this edition, Hotel Trends define new formulas of lodging and hotel-client relationship. For it, For three days he will tackle pressing issues such as sustainability, techno-digital and generational growth, scalability in the hospitality industry and hotel distribution. New areas include sessions, Sustainable Model, Digital Hospitality, Distribution and Strategic Opportunities.

7.-The impact of the Product People Planet and Restaurant Trends

Restaurant Trends is the reference forum for executives of the largest companies in the catering sector organized in Spain and has become one of the leading international meetings bringing together people like Joan Roca, Jeffrey Amoscato, Paco Perez Ricard Camarena and others or. The new business concepts born of the merger between the retail and catering world, NonStop kitchen, el delivery y take away, and healthy cooking km 0, the streetfood and the incursion of technology are some of the topics that have been discussed in recent editions.

People Product Planet born with the aim of improving coexistence between the Horeca sector and the impact this has on the planet, resources and society. The exploitation of raw materials, sustainability and fair market are priority issues for restaurateurs and hoteliers around the world. People on the agenda of Planet Product will address these issues through interviews and roundtables.

8.-Cookings show the trend in the CookRoom

The agenda of the CookRoom de HIP2020, it will 3 core activities:

1.- the showcookings where innovation will appear in products for professional kitchens;

2.- las sesiones Business in the Kitchen, in which several chefs international owners with successful business models develop keynotes about kitchen management, as the heart of the business and a cornerstone of the profitability of the business, that starts with a professional approach to operations and processes and flawless execution by a team well trained and led;

3.- the trend showcookings, emplatar focused on the delivery, visualize the Mediterranean Pantry, further analysis of plant protein and its possibilities for the professional kitchen and learn how to profit from waste (waste), and examples of new experimental methods in the world of gastronomy.

9.-The digital transformation of the industry in the Digital Theater

digitization It is one of the major axes around which rotate the congress, so it has its own agenda in which the professional of any type and size of business, You can get to the day on models and processes available to digitize the different areas of your business.

Digital Agenda is intended for all professionals who want to understand the process of digital transformation of the industry and how new technologies are revolutionizing the industry and changing the model of relationship with customers.

our director Diego Coquillat will be present in the Digital Theater 26 February as host session on the Digitization of the restaurants that begin at 10:30 in the morning.

10.- The grand finale will be the Awards Gala The Best Digital Restaurants 2020

T awardshe Best Digital Restaurants 2020 They will be delivered on 26 February at a gala finale closes with three days of this Congress, and that immediately follow the conclusion of the session of the Digital Agenda for this day. From 13:00h, those attending the Digital Theater will announce the winners of this third edition.

These awards are the first and unique in the world that highlight the effort and the work of the digital management of the best independent restaurants, chefs, maîtres and chains or franchises, they are understanding the change that has occurred in this historical era and the new digital relationship established with customers.

They are creating the digital newspaper DiegoCoquillat.com and they have as sponsors ExpoHip, macro, Macco Robotics, Y ElTenedor who share this vision, and the importance of recognizing and rewarding the commitment to digital technology management and major players in the restaurant industry and gastronomy in Spain.

A participating in Hospitality 4.0 Congress You can update new skills, learn strategies and business models and incorporate solutions to enhance the experience of your customers and the bottom line.

We encourage and invite you to visit the web #EXPOHIP2020 www.expohip.com or descend la app del Hospitality 4.0 Congress so you can review the agenda of these three days and customize your ride without miss what suits you according to your profile and / or preferences based on your business.

Buy your pass with our code and access to a 50% off…See you at Expo HIP 2020!

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Article by the editorial team of DiegoCoquillat.com. It has professionals both in the field of hospitality, gastronomy and tourism, and new technologies and innovation.


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